New releases

Swift 3.1 Released!

Release with more bugfixes and improvements than cool features. 👯 New Sequence members seem really handy, tons of love put into Linux implementation and Package Manager, and all of it compatible with 3.0 version. 🍾

❗️Spoiler alert: it’s not necessarily compatibile with v.3.0, but if you made through that part painlessly - we wish you luck with warning fixes.

New Downloads Now Available

More toys from Apple, including Xcode 8.3.

Local backyard

[Polish only]AutoMate features for QA by Mateusz Nicpoń

Good job, Mateusz, thank You for spread our work into the QA world!


Creating Thread-Safe Arrays in Swift

Sooner or later every one of us will be forced to optimize. This solution for thread-safe arrays with proofs will, hopefully, save you a whole bunch of troubles and a painful debugging.

Testing Swift code that uses system singletons in 3 easy steps

Tested on a battlefield, extensible way to not only improve testability but also cut system frameworks dependency.

An iOS Dev’s Experience with React Native

Thoughts on ReactNative as write once, ship twice enabler, from an experienced dev who tried to ship a universal app with it.

Non-Obvious Swift: Defer

Be swifty or not to be?



Seems interesting for any legacy codebase. And it’s free, open source and maintained.


iOS world fell in love with this god-like performance, system resources usage, etc. monitor for your app. Take a look, let it overwhelm you.


The Details That Matter

Tips for improving a user experience of your app. If only client’s designer could understand it.

Screenshot? Ugh, you’re doing it wrong!

For all those sharing and Twitter addicts, and anyone that wants buy their love with an own app - share something more that screenshot!

As always…

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