A few directly from Apple campus. Wait for some new announcements from Apple at March 27. If it’s not enough we have much more for you. Better delegates, custom operator or Realm database introduction are only a few of great articles prepared by the community.


Apple to Host March 27 Event in Chicago: ‘Creative New Ideas for Teachers and Students’

March 27, save this date in a calendar and stay tuned for upcoming announcements from Apple.

Last Mattt Thompsons day at Apple

Thanks for your hard work and contribution to Swift. Without you, Swift will never look the same.

Newjoiner in UIKit team

If you don’t follow this guy yet, it’s about time. Friendly souls at Cupertino are nice to see. Congrats!


Delegate Strength Tip: No More Weakness

The ultimate solution for handling weak references in delegates. So brilliant and so simple.

How to Theme an iOS App Using UIAppearance

Simple yet powerful theming engine, which is using UIAppearance, prepared by Peter Witham.

Don’t Fear Custom Operator!

To make custom operator or not to make custom operator, that is the question. Everyone tries to answer this question and probably we don’t have a good answer for it, but Bj Kandel will help us decide when to use them and when to avoid them.

Preventing views from being model aware in Swift

This week John Sundell will learn us how to separate view from model and make them more generic.

Introduction to Realm Database

Beginner guide to Realm database. Check how to start with this popular Core Data alternative used by some big companies.

Swift Tip: Enum Initializers

Some tips, how to initialize Enum variable in a few different ways.


Can Artificial Intelligence Or Machine Learning Test iOS Apps?

Machine learning has entered our lives and work. It was a matter of time when the ML will be introduced in testing. Shashikant Jagtap has prepared an analysis of AI/ML usage in Apple ecosystem.

Apple Watch Adoption

Insights from developer supporting all Apple Watch generations in his apps. Perspectives on longtime support differ if you ask developer or customer.

iPad Pro Workflow – General Productivity

Stay focus and be productive when working on iPad. Check which apps to use and why. Personal list created by Peter Witham.


BeerMenus & Turbolinks

Nice insight into architectural bits from BeerMenus’ hybrid approach. Wondering what did they use JavaScript library for? Our recommendation is to start at a 16th slide and 19min 46s of the video.

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