Great news for everyone in Brazil! Since last week, iOS users can enable Apple Pay on their favourite mobile phones. That’s not all. CocoaPods projects can now use Swift static libraries and first alpha version of has been released. 🎉


Apple Pay Has Expanded to Brazil

Nothing more to say. Brazil is the next country whose citizens can use Apple Pay.

1.0.0.alpha.1 - First alpha

Felix Krause has released first alpha version of - mobile-oriented Continuous Integration system powered by Fastlane.

CocoaPods 1.5.0 — Swift Static Libraries

A new version of one of the major dependency managers for iOS has been released and it finally supports Swift static libraries 🚀.


Do You Refactor without Tests? It’s Time for Safety

A few words about attempts to refactor code that’s not unit tested. They may seem bitter, but the author sincerely wants to make your life easier. Just give him a chance.

Cleaning up doc comments for formatted commits

If you want to grab some old code to rework, you may want to consider using its doc comments. Erica wrote a helper to free you from some technical work of reformatting them to the new standards.

Optionals as Collections

If you tend to forget how useful flatMap is when working with Optional type, this article proposes an interesting comparison.

Understanding protocol associated types and their constraints

Do you want to unleash new Swift 4.1 protocol’s powers? Paul shows what’s so breaking about it and how to use them to express yourself even better.


Funding (my) OpenSource work

How funding can improve passion. Marcin Krzyzanowski shares his experience on ObjectivePGP and CryptoSwift frameworks.

Expanding Swift’s Reach

You want to contribute to Swift community, yet you don’t feel that confident to dive into lang repo itself? Or perhaps you wonder why Swift’s influence is still limited to Apple platforms. Check this very useful and inspiring article that will encourage you to act.


iOS Developers Ship 29% Fewer Apps in 2017 – And More Trends to Watch

Big App Store cleaning lead to the first-ever decline in the number of apps. But nothing to worry about. There are still over 2 million of apps to ❤️. Much more interesting for us is a decline in cross-platform apps in comparison to native.


Swift Runtime Performance - talk

Performance matters. Making application working quickly and smoothly should be the number one priority. Check what could be done to make this happen.

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