This week we’re presenting great news from TenserFlow team at Google, amplifying articles in the development section, inspiring code and motivating others section. Enjoy!


Introducing Swift For TensorFlow

Again, Chris Lattner brings something beneficial to Swift community. This time with the team at Google they published sources of Swift for TenserFlow at GitHub! 🍾


Reimplementation of Implicitly Unwrapped Optionals

Important article for all Swifters out there. Implicit unwrapping is considered bad practice in Swift repository, but it has its use cases. It’s also now a part of the Optional type itself.

Friday Q&A 2018-04-27: Generating Text With Markov Chains in Swift

Mike Ash wrote a new article on Friday Q&A series, and it’s excellent as always. We miss those fresh topics and in-depth considerations.

A disassembly of machine learning and Core ML (Part 1)

A first article from the series about CoreML. CoreML is the hottest topic in iOS since WWDC 2017, dressed up in catchy words and promises. If you’re not sure what’s the fuss about or you didn’t work on it yet and wanted a recap in machine learning field - this article is here for you.


Strongly typed access to Info.plist file using Swift

Code snippets for reading application configuration emphasising Swift’s static type system.

Infinite Collections

Thinking outside the box exercise for everyone interested in testing Swift’s limits. Soroush presents train of thought from a pick of existing infinite sequence and starts defining a solution for it to generalise it later.


Behaviour Driven Development Frameworks for Swift

Overview of tools trying to fulfil the role of Cucumber in BDD for Swift. It’s also a great option for teams looking to boost their test’s expressiveness.


You should give that presentation

A short story of conference presentations that will motivate you to give yourself a chance. It proves everyone can start and find a topic for themselves.

10 Signs You Don’t Do Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is one of the catchphrases in today’s software development. More and more teams claim it’s part of their process. Harness challenges that with some symptoms you should be aware of when attempting to make it part of your process too.

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