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Codable in practice

Thoughts, challenges and bits of advice when creating or adjusting your codebase to use Codable from a perspective of an application depending on multiple services.

Creating Clean and Reusable Views in Swift with Custom Themes using Factories

Another interesting take on managing reusable UI controls with various themes. Useful for any size application and codebase.

Best iOS hacks from Twitter: March & April Edition

A whole lot of tips & tricks from devs to devs. Compilation of best tweets you may have missed in the never-ending stream of the Twitter feed.

How To: Build A Blockchain App With Swift

Blockchains are a hot topic recently, and this article answers your inner questions, like “what is it?”, “how to start?”, “how to use it in a mobile app?”.

Five Real Device Cloud Testing Services for iOS XCUITest

Are you short on devices or computing power? Creating and maintaining a whole setup running UI tests can be demanding. Here are five device cloud options for running XCUITest.


Keep The Degree Of Difficulty Down

It’s normal to be stressed when investing your time and career to start your first business. Here is straightforward advice that will take some of that burden off your shoulders.


Case Study: Cuteen. UI and UX Design for a Mobile Photo Editor

Thought through application interface is what we like to look at and use. What is the process of creating one though? Here’s an overview of work it took to design one charming application.


iOSDevCampDC - More Than Po: Debugging In lldb - Michelle Titolo

From basics to crazy magical stuff and LLDB Hoodoo, useful in day to day development and heavy-duty tasks.

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