Custom Types for Powerful Matching

Joshua’s answer to a question of how to build up small yet powerful abstraction to improve readability and maintainability in decisionmaking code otherwise dealing with canonical types like string.

Failure is an Option(al), Maybe a List, Maybe an Enum

Series of articles about Optional type looked at from different perspectives. Starting from usage in failable functions to type implementation the author creates small bits and pieces that will build something inspiring and useful, and we can’t wait to see next article, stay tuned with us!

Benchmarking Swift Locking APIs

Facing crucial piece of code that will be frequently and asynchronously accessed from multiple places? All of us have been there or will get there, and this comparison of available locking mechanisms becomes useful.

Snapshot Testing on iOS

If you considered using snapshot comparison to examine your application, but you have doubts or missing arguments to present to your team - this article is for you. Those that don’t believe it has its place in iOS app development or didn’t know it’s even possible will find bits for themselves as well.

Tutorial - emulate an iOS kernel in QEMU up to launchd and userspace

We can only congratulate for determination to finish this project, great job!


Why design at Khan Academy?

If the team members have a feeling of accomplishment, they created something worth describing to inspire the community. This article is a success story of Khan Academy’s design team, take a look if you can learn something from them.


Design Fails When it Requires Us To Start Over

Do you get the feeling that after trying this perfect new app that went viral in your social network you won’t go back to it? In this article, the author proposes a reason for it - this app tried to change your habits and get you out of your comfort zone instead of improving work within it.

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