Core Graphics is a robust framework, yet it can go pretty low level, and Apple introduced UIGraphicsImageRenderer to wrap some of them into modern API. Let’s dive into modern era image drawing on iOS.

Building Fluid Interfaces

Implementing controls presented at Designing Fluid Interfaces from WWDC 2018 using all the animation tricks at hand. Cleanly described train of thought and code snippets you may find useful creating your interactions at some point.

Migrating an Objective-C class to Swift: a piecemeal approach

A smart strategy of migrating Objective-C codebase to Swift while omitting rewrites and focusing on extending classes in the new language.

Type inference-powered serialization in Swift

A few tips on using the power of type inference to simplify Codable API even further still preserving the flexibility of the original.

Scrollable UIStackView

Recap or tutorial on how to work with scroll view when using Auto Layout to make it work with UIStackView.



A helpful wrapper on UIActivityViewController that allows you to customise existing actions in the activity sheet while keeping a native look and feel of the control.


What Does a Tech Lead Do?

A different look at Tech Lead position learned from experience.

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