Create Memoji on iPad with Swift Playgrounds

Do you want to play with Memoji composer in an iPad’s Playground? Or do you feel intrigued as we did to see how troublesome it can be to use this private API on a platform that wasn’t meant for it? Hassle seems to be pretty significant but how rewarding is it?

An iOS alert view with a text field and a “smart” OK button

A nitty-gritty alert blocking a user from proceeding without input with some code insights, that we can always appreciate.

Trimming long argument lists in Swift

If you ever see these long parameters lists crawling in your codebase - feel alerted. It may be worth reconsidering and maybe implementing one of these solutions.


Building a Great Engineering Team: Part One - Start With You

A worthwhile proposition from Big Nerd Ranch on how to create a great team. We hear a lot of success stories, but how to get there is the crucial question to many of us that don’t work in a perfect team or build one from scratch.


Preparing to teach/demo

If you ever made a public presentation or tutored somebody and found yourself unwilling to switch to new macOS account, here’s a good one for you. Erica shares her tricks to keep the personal info out of the way and enjoy your daily environment.

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