This week some top links from iOS developers. From custom generics, through interface builder tips to the build system in the new Xcode.


More Interface Builder Tips And Tricks

Do you find working with Interface Builder cumbersome? Keith Harrison has prepared a handful of useful tips and tricks that will help you to ease your pain.

Xcode New Build System for Speedy Swift Builds

Get familiar with the new Xcode Build System which was introduced in Xcode 9. It can speed your incremental builds a few time 🚀

IOS Swift 4 Generics: How to Apply Them in Your Code and iOS Apps

Swift is a simple yet powerful language. Protocols and generic types support us with resolving issues. Andrew Jaffee helps us understand how generics work and how can we use them.

Navigation in Swift

Navigation. Simple thing but can be very complicated in big and complex apps. By using Coordinators or Navigator patterns it can be easily handled.

A better NSManagedObjectContext​.performAndWait

A lifesaver for who uses Core Data in a project. NSManagedObjectContext and DispatchQueue.sync can have similar API from now.

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