We are in the middle of the WWDC 2018 🚀. So many changes, so many improvements and so many features from Apple. Find out more in articles below.


The All-New Mac App Store

Completely new Mac App Store. Redesigned, with reach experience for end users.

ARKit 2, Core ML 2 and Siri Shortcuts

Those are only a few of many new features available in the latest iOS and macOS. Try to imagine how it would change your experience with iPhones and Macs.


Let’s write Swift code to intercept SSL Pinning HTTPS Requests

SSL Pinning is the pride of Apple and is one of the most recommended security guards you can implement for your network layer. Here the question arises, how impenetrable is it? Check the post mentioned above and judge for yourself.

Let’s Optimize the Work with Terminal for Xcode Developers.

A small but useful tip for every Terminal lover. If you often use command line while developing an application on Xcode, this will help you a lot.

Static linking vs dyld3

Deep dive into launch time optimisation on iOS and dyld3. Does your app reach 400ms as a suggested launch time by Apple? Don’t worry, developers from Allegro share some hints for all of us 😉.


We very much hope it’s a bug that will get fixed after this article. Until then, check what it is about and how to spare yourself the trouble with unexpected behaviour.

Exploring Text Recognition and Face Detection with Google’s ML Kit for Firebase on iOS

Small yet handful demonstration of features that new ML Kit for Firebase will offer on iOS.

Continuous Integration Services for iPhone Apps in 2018

Comparision of the cloud-based Continuous Integration system. Travis CI, Circle CI, Nevercode, Bitrise or App Center. Which one is the easiest to setup and fastest to build?


A bright future for GitHub && Microsoft + GitHub = Empowering Developers

Microsoft has bought the icon of the Open Source. On Monday, Microsoft announced an agreement to acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion. Only the future will show how it will influence communities around the world.


Swift NIO Live Demo

This engaging demo will guide you all the way from an empty Playground to a working SwiftNIO server. A good starting point for everyone, even if they’ve never tried writing backend applications. Check this out and see if Swift on server engages you.

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