While awaiting the WWDC 2018 event we’ve gathered some interesting articles from the community. Stay tuned for tons of materials after June 4th 😁.


Writing self-documenting Swift code

Documentation is a good thing, but there are ways to make it unnecessary. Few tips on making your code self-explanatory and saving your team from hundreds of lines of documentation to maintain.

NIO Hello World

A basic server written in SwiftNIO is not a beginner’s task. But the resource that Chris learned from is very recommendable.



Of course, you can forget keys you use for NSUserDefaults. In Swift, you can go for keys struct or enum and lightweight wrapper. Objective-C though is a different story. This little tool can help you do that for both languages and brings that object-oriented vibe to the user defaults.


What’s new in Swift?

Our verdict - a must-have bookmark. This website is an excellent resource for learning Swift and catching up with new features.

Why Blockchain is Hard

If you haven’t seen it yet - a great article explaining what blockchain is all about and why it’s not suitable for everyone even if it’s a hot topic now.


$300 000 000 button

How can small UX change affect annual revenue? Let us tell you an old but interesting story…

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