Continuing on daily business topics, we know it’s all in preparation for countless features Apple will present to us on WWDC. Then there will be a time for the community to learn and the articles will focus on new subjects.


UIKonf 2018 videos are out!

There are lots and lots of awesome materials to check including vixentael ‘s 🦊 10 Things you Need to Know before Implementing Cryptography talk from last week that we’re so excited about.


Developing UIViews in Xcode Playgrounds

Playgrounds are loved and hated at the same time. Though we cannot deny the vast number of features they offer, their stability may let you down. Still, teams are using this tool in daily work, and we have an excellent example for you.

Launch arguments in Swift

Highly valuable if you want to give options to your script’s users, setup debug environment or UI test environment of your application. Tips on how to use and handle launch arguments in Swift.

Using Dedicated Objects as Delegates & Datasources

Tips and tricks that may inspire you to keep your view controller separate from table view business - delegation and providing data.

Switching Swift Versions inside Xcode using Toolchains

If you want to work on multiple Swift versions inside one Xcode, here is a way to set this up, be it from console or UI.

Using Storyboard References in Xcode

A recap of an important Storyboard feature. How to split your flow into multiple files and add new ones as necessary without losing references between scenes.

Test coverage is not about the quality of your product

An older article with a timely message. Some wise words about test coverage by @martinfowler.

Response: The Laws of Core Data

We’re sure you read Laws of Core Data by @davedelong. @mzarra decided to refer to this article and present his, sometimes very different, point of view.

AppCoda: Introduction to MVVM: Refactoring a MVC app using the MVVM design pattern

You’ve probably heard a lot about MVVM by now, but there’s no such thing as too much knowledge, we can always learn something new.

Medium: NSPredicate + Objective-C

Swift is so popular nowadays, but sometimes we have to deal with code written in Objective-C. Let’s recall how it works through the NSPredicate practice.


NSAttributedString in Swift using SwiftRichString 2

Handle attributed strings in the Swiftiest way possible with the help of protocols, Interface Builder support and loads of other features.


Mental model to power up your UX

Thinking about UX of your products? Don’t ignore existing mental models by reusing well-known solutions.


These 299 macOS apps are so buggy, Apple had to fix them in AppKit

Fascinating research and mind-blowing statistics that prove Apple cares about third-parties applications to the point they patch them on the system libs side.

Why Warren Buffett thinks Apple is unbelievable company?

Few interesting 💰 facts about Apple and Amazon.

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