Warm months are full of conferences and taking a break from work. We want to keep you updated whether you planned holidays or you’re taking advantage of extended evenings. This week, a few topics from the day-to-day routine like a silence before WWDC 2018 news explosion.


The Laws of Core Data

This article points out the most popular misuses of Core Data that may be present in your application. It will also point a way for you to guard against them in the future.

Touch ID and Face ID on iOS

Quite an extensive post about implementing biometric authentication. Check it out no matter if it’s your first time or you’re looking for a more elegant way of handling this system framework.

X Things you Need to Know before Implementing Cryptography

UIKonf 2018 had the pleasure of hosting this great talk from vixentael 🦊. It amazed the audience, and now we can’t wait to just go through the slides. These are essential security checks you need to do before going for cryptography in your iOS app.

Care and Feeding of Xcode Configurations

We all want to bury the hatchet with Xcode. This time let’s attempt boosting our Build Settings.


iOS Design Inconsistencies Across Apple’s Apps

There is something in the air, or rather in the iOS 11 design, that makes the author and us think that Apple looks for a way to make flat and dead simple iOS 7 design more pleasant and friendly.

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