May is near, the weather gets better, a and people go on holiday to enjoy Spring. We did our best to find interesting articles you can enjoy while relaxing.


MobileNet version 2

For all the machine learning geeks here. Google announced a new version of very performant and mobile suitable MobileNet neural network. Matthijs has some overview of what we can expect.

A blog exploring functional programming and Swift

A supplementary blog for Point-Free where you will find a deeper explanation of the topics covered in their episodes. The first post is about applying the ideas from algebraic data types to a real-world problem.


Forcing Compiler Errors in Swift

Are you tired of placing fatalErrors around and wondering if it can crash for your users? Or maybe you’ve been interrupted once or ten times while debugging by an unexpected crash in code from an exotical configuration. Overview of some interesting ideas how to get this juicy early fails in Swift.

Observers in Swift - Part 2

As promised, more ways to observe state changes in Swift. On one hand closures, very popular since Apple introduced language but also extended NSFoundation with block APIs. On the other hand tokens, widely spread in enterprise software. Check how to take advantage of both!


Playground driven development in Swift

A great guide how to reduce time spent on prototyping UI using Swift Playgrounds. Come out and play!

Tables & Collections with type-safe declarative approach

Every iOS dev struggles from time to time with delegate & data source for UITableView. Or more precisely with growing feed up of implementing required methods with the same logic as in three previous projects. In his article, Daniele shares with us, his refined by community project that addresses this issue.


Stop calling these Dark Design Patterns or Dark UX — these are simply a**hole designs

Dark Design Patterns are a long lasting topic on the web. But what about mobile? Unfortunately, this list is full of designs against users that are widely spread on mobile.


Flight School Guide to Swift Codable

You may wonder what’s so complex about Swift Codable it needs 140 pages book! But Mattt from NSHipster can guarantee every single page is worth reading.

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