Swift 4.1 just has just come out, but there is already some talk regarding Swift 4.2 🎉. Swift changes are not the only news, Apple has also started 64-bit transition on macOS.


What’s new in Swift 4.2?

Swift 4.1 has just been released, but the work on the next version hasn’t stopped. Paul Hudson described upcoming changes to our favourite language.

64-bit Transition on macOS

64-bits transition has started. Starting from macOS 10.13.4, users will see an error, if an application doesn’t support 64-bit architecture. From June 2018 onwards, all application updates have to support 64-bits.

Apple’s investment into Clangd and refactoring tooling

Does it foreshadow a new era for Xcode? Or maybe builds a foundation for LSP for Swift, which would open a whole new world for Linux IDE development? Let’s hope for the best and keep an eye on the topic.


Stubbing XCUITests with Vapor Server Side Swift Framework

Swift is still a young language and it lacks good testing frameworks. For instance, there is no good framework to test networking. But libraries like Vapor can at least help us with mocking a server response.

Swift, Plist and Two Smoking Scripts

Tired of writing and reading scripts in Bash, Ruby or Python? Here’s Swift scripting at your service, with juicy use case that any app can gain from. Feels nice to keep even more of the codebase in our field of expertise.

Observers in Swift - Part 1

We did it a thousand times, observing state changes will always be required somewhere inside our apps. For many of you it’s not only the pattern that is useful, but the elegant and Swifty implementation.

UILayoutGuide - UI creation made responsible

This article contains strong arguments for using UILayoutGuide instead of dummy views to solve some complex layout problems.


Personalized Hey Siri

A short story about how Apple engineers were improving “Hey Siri” recognition using neural networks


Remote Teams

No matter if you worked remotely or cooperated with team members working that way, it’s a good article to take a look at what does this culture of daily business brings to the table. Show it to your distributed team, discuss and build the spirit that can’t be brought down too easily.

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