Last week, Xcode 9.3 was introduced along with Swift 4.1. This week, Xcode 9.4 beta and iOS 11.4 beta were introduced. That’s not all. Chris Lattner, who works at Google, announced Swift support for TensorFlow. This, and much more, is covered in this week’s issue of WeeklyCocoa.


Allowing Your Users to Manage Data Stored in iCloud

Apple has prepared for the European Union’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), giving users and developers necessary tools. You should be also prepared for those changes.

Swift 4.1 Released!

With new Xcode, a new version of the Swift language has been introduced. Check what new features have been introduced in Swift 4.1.

Swift Community

At TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018 a new project was announced by Chris Lattner - Swift for TensorFlow. More details will be available later in April, but for sure it will be something interesting.


Swift Four -point- One And All

Conditional conformance, JSONEncoder: Key strategies or recursive constraints on associated types. Those are only a few of the changes which were introduced in the new Swift version.

Conditional conformances in Swift

Detailed explanation and use cases for the newest feature in Swift 4.1 - Conditional conformances.

Modular iOS: Strangling the Monolith & Modular iOS: Splitting A Workspace into Modules

Some basic ideas and examples on how to modularise your code into separate projects. Definitely a must-read for everyone who wants to change a monolith application into something modern.

Protocol Oriented Programming in Swift: An Introduction

An excellent introduction to a Protocol Oriented Programming. POP is very popular across all kinds of Swift applications. If you still need to learn it, start with this article.

UIKit Dynamics in the real world

This article explores recreating the famous but yet overused Tinder UI using UIKit Dynamics.


Functor » Applicative » Monad

If you have ever heard about Functional programming, you probably also heard the terms functors or monads. Bj Kandel has prepared a short summary of the functional programming terminology and its usage in the iOS application.

xccov: Xcode Code Coverage Report for Humans

First look at the new tools bundled into Xcode 9.3 - xccov. This tool from Apple should help us analysing coverage in Continuous Integration systems.

Progressive Web Apps on iOS are here 🚀

Maximiliano Firtman shares his observations on the Progressive Web Apps, a hidden feature of iOS 11.3. Check what the pros and cons of the PWA on iOS are.

Visual Programming Language

This project aims to create a node-based visual programming language that assembles to executable Swift code and can be written almost entirely using an Apple Pencil or touch.


Swift for TensorFlow - TFiwS (TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018)

Chris Lattner presented Swift for TensorFlow. Soon, scientists from around the World will use Swift to create new neural networks.

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