Big news directly from Apple. Registration for the WWDC 2018 is open now. Beside this, we have prepared for you tons of new stuff from the community. Improving application design, how to prepare for app review, Swift NIO micro framework tutorial and much, much more.


WWDC18 Registration Now Open

March 22 at 10:00 a.m. PDT Apple will start selling tickets for WWDC 2018 🚀. Once again Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will take place at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, June 4-8.


Throwable Optionals

Force unwrapped values are not safe and we should avoid them. But from time to time we are using them, especially in unit tests. Dejan Agostini found a way to unwrap values which don’t crash your tests.

Five Steps to Migrate iOS Project from CocoaPods to Carthage

Walkthrough for everyone who doesn’t like magic under CocoaPods and wants to migrate to Carthage. This tutorial teaches you how to migrate from one dependency menager to another.

Using tuples as lightweight types in Swift

Tuples, as a built in type in Swift, are not always appreciated by developers. John Sundell reminds us what could be done with tuples.

Size, Stride, Alignment

Are you facing a low-level challenge? Or maybe would like to take a peek under the hood of Swift memory layout? Whatever it is, we have something neat just for you.

Better Strategies Through Types

From differentiating behaviours through strategy pattern up to protocols. That’s what we call top-notch plot! But most importantly, what we recommend to you as a noteworthy article to read.

A µTutorial on Swift NIO

It took only 10 days to create micro web framework on top of Swift NIO. Go through this tutorial or just download ready-to-use framework from GitHub.


Getting Through App Review

Get some experience from an experienced developer. What to do, what not to do and which solution is the best. If you are starting your first app review, be prepared for the most common cases of rejection.

Solving a Mysterious Heap Corruption Crash

Finding bugs in an application can be a challenge, but finding a bug in Swift is another level of difficulty. Agnes Vasarhelyi shares her story with alignment issue in Swift 4.

Smart Debugging - Heavy Weapons for Hard Bugs

A set of tools to handle bug of any calibre. Author has countless hours of experience in fixing bugs hiding in the deepest parts of Apple’s frameworks and we trust he prepares us for the worst.


Designing a better notification experience for iOS

Concepts and ideas for better notifications on iOS. What would you suggest to improve user experience?

Good to great UI animation tips

Want to make you awesome design even more awesome 🚀? Read and implement those basic ideas to make your app even more engaging.

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