New month, a new set of articles. Swift 4.2 is coming and Apple is awaiting your feedback about the networking APIs on various platforms. Besides some hot news, you can also read about Set class, hidden performance metric and much, much more.


Swift 4.2 Release Process

The new version of Swift language is coming. 4.2 will include numerous bug fixes and compile-time performance improvements. As with 4.1, it will be source compatible but not binary compatible with previous version.

Networking Feedback Feb 2018

Everyone should take part and give their feedback. Show your interest and help Apple improve the pain points in the API most of us use frequently.


The power of sets in Swift

Sets are powerful but not widely used data type in Swift. John Sundell will try to change this by presenting some cool examples.

Constructing human-grade parsers

Have you ever experienced SourceKit crashing with a black and white retro TV mode? 😡 That’s what you want to avoid when creating parser meant to face your users, but that’s not all.

Xcode’s Secret Performance Tests

With Xcode 7.2 Apple developers have added performance metrics. We were able to measure wallClockTime while executing unit tests. Nothing was changed since then, but thanks to Daniel Jalkut we can try a few hidden metrics 😈.


Carthage or CocoaPods: That is the question

CocoaPods vs Carthage. Which one to choose, which one to use, which one is better? If you ever wanted to know the difference between those two and select the best one, now you have a chance to do that.

iOS Application Security Part 4 –RunTime Analysis Using Objection Powered by Frida

The fourth part of the “iOS Application Security Testing Series” series. If you want to hack iOS application, you should read this post.

Universal Links: The Web-App Connection

A short introduction to the universal links, site association and shared web credentials. Improve integration between your site and iOS application with a few simple steps.


7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design

Can it be useful on mobile? We hope it is as helpful for you as it is for us. In the end, it’s all about engaging the user with well-presented content.



Event-driven network application framework for high performance protocol servers & clients, non-blocking.


Generates Swift snippets from colors, fonts and layers.

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