Great news for all developers who use CI/CD in their projects. Felix Krause, who is responsible for Fastlane, is making self-hosted Continuous Integration platform. But that’s not all for this week. We have selected for you a bunch of articles prepared by developers from all over the world.


Kicking off fastlane․ci

Creator of the most important automation tools for iOS platform is making a self-hosted, mobile-optimized Continuous Integration platform for everyone.

Code Size Optimization Mode in Swift 4.1

Swift is fast, it’s a well known fact, highlighted whenever possible. But it can also be smaller! This is great news for all of us that struggle to make our apps downloadable through any network connection.

Sandboxed macOS apps can record your screen

Your privacy is once again put to the test. Old but barely known issue addressed by @krausefx is broadly commented by journalists and former Apple engineers.



This time, Soroush Khanlou improved existing code made by Erica Sadun. It is not stealing, it is sharing with the community.

Unit testing asynchronous Swift code

Since Apple introduced expectations, testing asynchronous code is fairly easy, but this is not the only solution. John Sundell shows that there are other methods.

Techniques to Connect Websites to iOS Apps

I never really used pairing website with an application. Now I know it’s worth it with a handful of usability features. We all know it well if you can make users’ life easier they more likely stick to you.

Writing declarative code using Result Extensions

Swift’s support for several programming paradigms makes me sometimes feel limitless. Just take a look at this beauty. When one article inspires other authors, the magic happens.

iOS Code Signing: 1. Getting Started,
iOS Code Signing: 2. Certificate Signing Requests,
iOS Code Signing: 3. Certificates,
iOS Code Signing: 4. Provisioning Profiles &
iOS Code Signing: 5. Signing iOS App

Code signing is the most frustrating thing which has to be done by iOS developer, but with “iOS Code Signing” series life can be easier. Five posts which describe all aspects of code signing from the beginning to the end.


Nobody’s buying anything in your app? Here’s what to do next.

You’ve always dreamt about making a fortune with a game-changing application idea. First of all, try every marketing campaign you can imagine, from Facebook to ProductHunt. Don’t give up if they didn’t succeed! We have some nifty tips that will help users fall in love with your awesome product.

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