Each week we are closer to Swift 4.1 but the community is not only waiting for the new version but is have working on new stuff. This week you can read about server-side Swift, design in Sketch, Swift internals, operators and much more. Everyone will find something interesting 😎.


Binary Frameworks in Swift

A good summary of what is an ABI, why it is important and why implementation makes so many difficulties.

Custom operators in Swift

Should we use custom operators? Which one? For which type of operations? Almost every developer is asking those questions. John Sundell made a summary explaining pros and cons of different approaches.

Getting Started with the Swift Frontend: Lexing & Parsing

Beginner guide for everyone who wants to play with Swift compiler internals. If you want to get Swift even better you should know how it works.

Pattern match style filtering

Tired of multiline condition closure with if case? Erica is here to help and remind us about pattern matching with Swift’s enumerations.

The 3 Laws of TDD: Focus on One Thing at a Time

How to start with TDD and avoid a headache when working on two code pieces at the same time while preserving that tight feedback loop? Check the article and don’t skip the video. 🤓

Digging into the Swift compiler: Nerdcamp is the Shovel

A great bedtime story about adventures of a man who wanted to learn what’s under the hood of the Swift compiler. A little bit less from the technical perspective, but still inspiring to try for yourself.


Awesome Swift

List of awesome libraries, frameworks, news, resources, tutorials and much more. It is like Google but for Swift only 😍.


Why Your App Looks Better in Sketch

Let’s compare few examples of designs prepared in Sketch and their equivalents, rendered on iOS. Spot the differences, solve them and draw conclusions.


Server-Side Swift from Scratch

Making your own, perfect server-side framework by the creator of the Point-Free. Replace your runtime errors with compile-time errors and fix them before goes to production.



Easly integrate camera from AVFoundation with CoreML and Vision.


Framework from Google to handle futures and promises. Supports Objective-C and Swift and is faster than competitors.

As always…

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