A lot of news this week from Apple, ARKit 1.5, Swift Playgrounds 2.0 and 64-bit requirements. But that’s not everything. Developers around the world were working hard to create interesting articles which are now waiting for you.


ARKit 1.5 Now Available

With iOS 11.3 beta the new version of ARKit is ready for developers. You can now place virtual objects on vertical surfaces and more. See you in augmented reality 😎.

Swift Playgrounds 2.0 Now Available

More news from Apple. With a new version, we can subscribe to our favourite creators and download new content directly from the app.

Reminder: 64-bit Requirement for Mac Apps & New Tools for 64-bit Support in Xcode 9.3 Beta

Just a reminder. After January 31, all new applications submitted to the Mac App Store must support 64-bit. Updates and existing apps have to be adjusted before June 2018. The newest Xcode release (9.3 beta) can help you with migration.


API 4 IAP PIA: SwiftyStoreKit Seriously Simplifies Subscriptions

StoreKit and In-App Purchases are not easy but very important for every iOS developer. With SwiftyStoreKit you can very easily implement in-app purchases, auto and non-renewing subscriptions, or receipt verification.

Turning Swift compile-time safety into safety for your users

Statically typed systems are claimed to be less prone to bugs, but what are these threats we’re guarded against? And more importantly, what are the bugs that we can protect our users from? Check out this simple, yet handy example.

Model-View-Controller without the Controller

iOS application without the Controllers? Imagine post-apocalyptic desert, people fighting for food with coyotes… and table view setup fitting into one snippet. That’s right, you can get the last part without the Sci-fi landscape, from the upcoming CwlLayout. This time, Matt Gallagher shows us how the tools we use can influence the architecture of our application.

Creating a Custom Core ML Model Using Python and Turi Create

Last month Apple published their new machine learning framework called Turi Create which can be used to create and train Core ML. Now you can check how to integrate Turi with an iOS project to recognise images.

Getting Swift to run on NVIDIA Jetson TX2

Swift is not only a language which can be used on iOS, macOS or Linux. YND proofs that it can be used on an embedded system like NVIDIA Jetson TX2 to handle video processing and artificial intelligence for real-time object/face detection.

Composing types in Swift

Does phrase “Composition over inheritance” resonates in your mind? Whether the answer is yes or no, John Sundell has a great article about the idea of composing functionality from multiple individual pieces.


The Perfect Bag

For any kind of journey, you will need a bag to carry all your staff. Finding a perfect bag can challenging, time-consuming or even not possible. Soroush Khanlou already made the research and shared his knowledge with us.



A long list of very interesting Core ML models. You will definitely find something for you.



A new Swift video series exploring functional programming and more, launched by Brandon Williams and Stephen Celis from Kickstarter.

Swift’s Reflective Underpinnings

Joe Groff from the Swift Core team talks about reflection. He explains the current state of reflection in Swift, shows tips and tricks and looks into the future.

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