This week, we have tons of new and interesting links from a variety of sources. If OWASP is not telling you anything, it’s worth reading and checking if your application meets security requirements. Or if you want to play with other languages, you can check Pascal interpreter written in Swift.


Announcing Realm Cloud: Realm Platform as a Service Beta

Realm goes into the cloud. From now on, you can build native and offline mobile applications without worrying about server infrastructure.

Why You Need to Keep Your Mobile DevOps In-House in 2018

Which CI/CD infrastructure should we use? In-house or in a cloud? There is no simple answer, but Shashikant Jagtap has prepared a comparison of those two variants.

Q&A: Automation Guild Conference XCUITest Session

Summary of the Automation Guild 2018 conference on which Shashikant Jagtap was a speaker and had a chance to answer a few questions.

Pascal interpreter written in Swift

You may not be the first in line to write in Pascal just because of this interpreter. We totally get your point. It’s just that the great amount of work put into this project and learning material that it has created is too good not to share.


A Brief Overview of Swift Compiler

Under the hood of Swift compiler. From source code to compiled binary ready to execute. It is not an easy process which requires a lot of different steps and tools to use.

Mocking in Swift

Mocking is one of the available methods to test the behaviour of our code. This time, John Sundell describes different approaches of mocking and when we don’t need to use them.

OWASP Mobile AppSec Verification Standard v1.0

Have you ever wondered how to check the security of a mobile application? Follow this guide and create safe apps!

Useful Optional Extensions

Cool stuff alert! 🚨 Benedikt got us set of not only useful but also elegant extensions for Optionals. You’ll regret you didn’t use them before, just like us!

Algebraic Data Type in Swift

Such a fine subject, I wish I could see the talk. 😍 Really innovative and broadening horizons. Anyone knows if a video will be available on the Internet?


Your dialogs are too long

A hundred percent agreement here. Protect your users’ focus and patience - they’ll be thankful. One more thing, I would consider an option to undo deletion rather than alert… because YES, I’M SURE. 😜


5 Tools for Uploading iOS apps to iTunes Connect

Five ways to upload your application to iTunes. Choose your favourite graphical and command line application.


Uber brings back to life UIView and CALayer snapshots! 📸 Did you miss it?


Are there any Sourcery fans on board? I’d expect quite a few. They’ll be happy to hear that mixed code bases will now be able to benefit from its goodness, as yet another obstacle is being removed for us.

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