It is just after holidays. Most developers took days off, but there are a few persons who find some time to write some interesting stuff.


Mike Ash + Apple = Swift

Mike Ash is joining Apple in January. Wish him good luck and have fun. It’s great to know that Swift will be in good hands.

Apple Updates App Store Guidelines to Relax Restrictive Rules on Template Apps

Apple has relaxed its App Store Review guidelines rules on “Template Apps” and changed a few other points.


First Impressions of Fastlane Swift for iOS

In the previous post, we wrote about writing Fastfile using Swift. Now is the time for a first impression. It is still too early to say whether we should switch to Swift version, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

A view construction syntax

Mind blowing article by Matt Gallagher. Alternate view syntax initialization for reactive programming. Stay tuned for CwlViews framework, which should be available soon.

Separation of concerns using protocols in Swift

Walk-through of removing dependencies and creating better separations between modules. Nice example by John Sundell.

Building a Simple ARKit Demo with SceneKit in Swift 4 and Xcode 9

If you want to play with ARKit but you don’t know how to start, now you can try it with this simple step by step tutorial.

As always…

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