We’re closer to the year 2018, but before 2017 ends and we start celebrating 🎉, we still have some delightful links to share with you.


Write Fastfile using Swift

Great news. Now you don’t have to use Ruby to write your lanes in Fastlane 🚀. One language to rule them all 💍.


Xcode Server: Enabling Code Diagnostic Tools

Spotting issues with our code is not trivial and using good tools could help us a lot. But automatic issues lookup with Xcode Server’s sanitizers is even better.

Friday Q&A 2017-12-08: Type Erasure in Swift

Next Friday and next Q&A by Mike Ash. This time Mike takes type erasure on the board and gives a very nice explanation with even better examples.

Xcode Server + Ansible: Scalable and Programmable iOS CI/CD Infrastructure

This time, Shashikant Jagtap achieved the impossible, or at least something really difficult. Manage Xcode Servers at scale by using Ansible 🎉.

Different flavors of dependency injection in Swift

Overview of different types of dependency injection. Pros and cons, case studies, and examples of initializer-based, property-based, or parameter-based.

NSMeasurement - Foundation’s Powerful API to Measure #AllTheThings

Some of the strongest APIs available on the Apple platforms are formatters and their support of localizations. With iOS 10, Measurements API was introduced, which solves problems with unit conversions. No more manual conversions of miles to kilometres.

Rich iOS notifications with custom input interface

Jimmy and his adventure with rich iOS notifications. A beautiful story about implementing engaging and interactive notifications, with custom input and media player actions.

How to import a C library in Swift using the Swift Package Manager

Swift + C = ❤️. Swift has a great compatibility with C code and libraries. Ole Begemann presented a part of the Advanced Swift book. With only a few steps you can integrate existing C library into your Swift project 😎.



UICollectionView killer framework. Built on top of UIScrollView, fully customizable, with high performance and the most important … backward compatible with iOS 8.0 🚀.

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