This week, Apple surprised us with lots of news like application pre-orders or best applications and games of 2017. But developers didn’t sit idly. UI testing, Xcode Server with Slack, useful patterns with associated types and much, much more articles are waiting for you. So get hot ☕️ before you get on with reading.


Learning with Privacy at Scale

Apple takes care of user privacy. In the newest versions of their operating systems, they go one step further by collecting insights without sacrificing user privacy. Read how they managed to do it.

CVDisplayLink Doesn’t Link To Your Display

Rendering frame in time is crucial to have smooth, 60 frames per seconds, experience. Some findings regarding CVDisplayLink on macOS.

Apple secretly slows down iPhones with older batteries

If you noticed that your iPhone is working slower than when you bought it, then you can be right.

Best of 2017

The best apps and games on the App Store selected by editors.

Apple confirms Shazam acquisition

Everyone knows Shazam. And Apple just bought it. Wonder what will happen with the Android version of the app. Will it be integrated into Apple Music app only? Quite possible. Is it only about music? What do you think?

Offer Introductory Pricing for Your Subscriptions & Offering Your Apps for Pre-Order

More news directly from the Apple. Discounted price or a free trial for a limited time at the beginning of a subscription and applications pre-order.


Xcode Server + Slack = Rockstar Combo for iOS CI/CD

Xcode Server doesn’t provide any third party integrations but, it doesn’t mean it cannot be integrated with any service like Slack. Read and do it by yourself.

UI testing analytics code in Swift

In the previous blog post John Sundell shows how to build analytics system in Swift. This time, he presents how to test it using UI testing.

Patterns for Working With Associated Types

Associated types, a powerful yet hard to master feature of Swift’s generic system. This extensive article makes good attempt to sort things out and cover typical day to day use cases.

How to Mock Standalone Functions …Without Changing the Call Sites

Some mighty test strategies out here! These allow you to mock even standalone functions from the standard library. 😎 One reason less not to test legacy codebase or any other codebase.

Enums And Protocols & Misusing Subclassing

Did you ever wonder when to use enums, protocols or when to use subclassing? Soroush Khanlou prepared excellent examples when one is better than the other.

Custom Layers in Core ML

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is a substantial technology for Apple. Every version of the iOS brings new features to Core ML. This time, Apple engineers added custom layers to the framework.



Amber is flexible architecture based on Elm & Flux ideas and developed specifically for iOS.


Weavy is a navigation framework for iOS applications based on a weaving pattern.



Less about professional software developers, more about teaching. Why do we need it, how hard it is and where Apple Playgrounds are in all of this. Coding can be fun! But it requires a lot more knowledge of reality surrounding us than of syntax

Combining Swift/Kotlin with C/C++

Writing multiplatform application is hard, if not downright impossible. Michał Kowalczyk from TomTom presented how he’s using C++ to share logic across Java/Kotlin and Swift projects. Write once, use everywhere.


Xcode + the iOS simulator together in full screen mode

Try by yourself and increase your focus on tasks.

An experimental feature that may improve Swift build times

New in the Xcode 9.2, an experimental feature which could improve build time of Swift projects: BuildSystemScheduleInherentlyParallelCommandsExclusively. Remember, set it to NO to try it.

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