The winter has come ☃️, at least in some places. To warm you up, we have prepared some hot news while you drink some ☕️.


Apple releases iOS 11.2 with date crashing fix, Apple Pay Cash included, other changes

Apple has published the new version of the iOS system - 11.2. It includes a fix to December 2 issue, which could lead to random reboots.

iOS 11 Horror Story: The Rise and Fall of iOS Security

Another security issue with Apple products. Oleg Afonin describes what could be done when someone will find your passcode.

Month 13 Is Out Of Bounds

It is not a good time for Apple engineers. Every week we can read about new issues and problems. A long time ago Google has removed December from Android. This year Apple has added a new month. What would you name it?


Building an enum-based analytics system in Swift

Every application needs analytics to get a better understanding of how users interact with it. John Sundell shows how to make testable abstraction layer to any analytics library.

Xcode Server: Top 10 Limitations of XCS for iOS Continuous Delivery

Apple is working on their Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery system since a few years. It’s time to summarize the Xcode Server’s advantages and limitations.

Xcode Server: iOS Over The Air (OTA) Installation Tips

Useful tips and tricks for Xcode Server.

Apple’s new Utility library will power up command-line apps

A new library from Apple delivers some useful data structures and helpers for CLI apps. It’s described as unstable API, so use it at your own risk.;)

Secure Coding With Concurrency in Swift 4

Swift was designed for safety, but it definitely has room to grow if we’re considering concurrency. Check how to guard your Swift code against runtime vulnerabilities, such as race conditions.

StoreKit is Broken

If you’ve ever created an application with in-app purchase, you probably struggled with Apple’s API design. If you haven’t use StoreKit yet, be prepared, designing user experience against it will be a pain.


30 Auto Layout Best Practices

After all these years, Auto Layout can still be finicky. In this article, Paul Solt provides 30 practices that will help you avoid most common quirks and will allow you to work faster and more efficiently.


Flawless App 2.0

A great tool from the Flawless team has its first major update with loads of new features. Its unique integration with the iOS Simulator makes comparing design mock-ups with actual implementation a breeze. As before, we are convinced to upvote.


Great news: starting with Xcode 9…

Sounds like yay! to me. 🎉

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