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Device-only code: A polite request for help

All hands on board! If you ever had to code something device dependent, you’ll definitely appreciate this proposal.

The Presentation Model

MVC, MVVM, MVP, MVMVC 😵 Stop by and check where all of them came from with Ben Sandofsky, whose voice of reason should pull us to the understanding of these terms.

iOS Background Transfer

A painful but enlightening story to remind us that, for the system, our apps are secondary in comparison to user’s needs.

Which commands do I use in my terminal all day?

If you’re missing out on any of these commands, Durul Dalkanat got you covered. Maybe except rbenv local.

Using child view controllers as plugins in Swift

Modularize view controllers and how to avoid BaseViewController in your application.

Managing different environments and configurations for iOS Projects

Feeling dizzy from a number of environments of your app’s backend? High-five! ✋ Fortunately, there is a native solution to help us keep codebase independent.

An On-device Deep Neural Network for Face Detection

History of the face detection on the iOS, from Core Image framework to Vision Framework.

Stop Xcode from constantly rebuilding your project because of @IBDesignable

Believe it or not, you’re two clicks away from stopping the constant project rebuild!



Utilize powers of Swift 4 key paths and observe state changes of objects in your codebase!


Validate your Xcode Project for duplicates, inconsistencies, missing files and more.


A package manager that installs and runs Swift command line tool packages.


Millennials Will Work Hard, Just Not for Your Crappy Job

For anyone who is tired of appreciating the work they were graciously given. Most probably, you’re not the one who needs to adjust.

5 Signs You Are Not a True Leader After All

Are you a leader or manager?

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