After weeks of absorbing news, fresh APIs and features, the time came to sum up and consolidate. We’re always glad to improve, there’s always a better way to use our knowledge. You’re welcome to join us! 😉


New App Store Marketing Guidelines and Resources

With iPhone X, Apple updates App Store Marketing Guidelines, adds new badges and images for your favourite 🍎 device.


Dependency injection using factories in Swift

Step by step introduction to factories as a strategy of cleaning up endless dependencies passed through incidental controllers. This train of thought clearly brings us to containers. All of which are presented in an iOS environment.

Much ado about iOS app architecture

I appreciate this lecture as one of very few looking critically at growing pantheon of architectures offered by the iOS community. Don’t feel ashamed if you’re overwhelmed by this ridiculous number of options, iOS has its patterns to let you write clean code with pure MVC.

Mutating And Nonmutating Functions

Some thoughts on mutating and nonmutating functions in Swift from Soroush Khanlou. What is missing and what Apple can do better?

Codable: Tips and Tricks

We all know the Codable basics by now. It’s time to create a set of good practices around them.

Challenges of Supporting iPhone X

Early support of iPhone X unusual interface can buy you a lot of love from your present users, as well as bring new ones along. The team of PSPDFKit comforts us that we’re not the only ones to be challenged by UI adjustments.

Best iOS hacks from Twitter: October Edition

Bits of code, reminders of easy-to-forget yet painful gotchas - in general, awesome things you may have missed in the waterfall of tweets.


Colour management and gamut

How to use all the Display P3 and sRGB colours and not to get lost.


Building a Framework with VIPER

Keep up the good work, girl! The best 20-minute presentation of VIPER architecture concept.

Exploring Natural Language Processing

An intriguing talk that demonstrates anyone can start using natural language processing in his/her next app. 💫


Core ML: Machine Learning for iOS

Meghan Kane has proven her machine learning knowledge to us multiple times. Thanks a lot for more materials to learn from!

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