The world is waiting for iPhone X. Even if it counts-in developers’ community, no one rests! Enjoy the best articles, tools and news from the last week. 🤓


The First First Impression of the iPhone X

Smooth and pleasant article with some of the first insights into the long-awaited iPhone X.

Submit Your Updated Apps for iPhone X

The future is now. iPhone X will be available on November 3, but right now you can prepare and upload your application to iTunes Connect.

iOS 11.2 beta & 11.1

For very short time Apple had new iOS beta version 11.2 available to download while previous beta version (11.1) was not released. It is no longer valid. Stable iOS 11.1 is ready to download 🚀.


Injecting forEach into chained method calls

It would be nice to put forEach in the middle of a method chain. With his Swift’s sequences knowledge Ole Begemann found a very nice way to do that. 🙌

How to Use iOS Data Protection

Data protection levels - everyone heard about it, some know how it works, yet not everyone has used it. Douglas Hill from PSPDFKit wrote a magnificent article about the data protection, how to set it up and how to use it. 🔐

A Beautifully Elegant way to Set-Match

Welcome back, Erica! We’ve missed you! And that’s a slick and elegant way to use the power of Swift’s switch statement. We’re grateful you couldn’t stay silent about it.

iOS Privacy: watch.user - Access both iPhone cameras any time your app is running

Let’s get real, this vulnerability creates a billion-dollar business because there is nothing more valuable than information. It seems to be there forever and even gets a role in movies from time to time.

Using tokens to handle async Swift code

There are different asynchronous APIs available on iOS using built-in or third-party solutions like GCD, Operations, Futures & Promises, or RxSwift. There are at least one more: tokens.

agvtool: Automating iOS Build and Version Numbers

Apple has created agvtool tool a long time ago, but very few people know about it or use it directly. Check what can be done with it.

Friday Q&A 2017-10-27: Locks, Thread Safety, and Swift: 2017 Edition

Mike Ash updates his article about lock and thread safety. Much appreciated, as the previous version was a little outdated.


A composable pattern for pure state machines with effects

It’s hard to implement a state machine, especially readable one, which state-change requirements are easy to grasp and test. Andy presents composable solution inspired by bests from functional- and imperative- paradigms and written in Swift.


Kitura 2.0

Now taking advantage of the new Codable! 💃🕺 Check the article to get an update on new features!


This video editing lib looks neat! 😎 There is this one thing we wish for - support of Carthage.

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