We have plenty of engineers’ favorite topics in the spotlight this week: configuration with xcconfig and plist, application architecture, project structuring, and background work. Cheers! 🍻


Apple Pay Has Expanded to Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the United Arab Emirates

Apple Pay is now available in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and the United Arab Emirates. Congrats!

Selling your MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? Apple recommends this step

Tip from Cupertino on selling MBP with Touch Bar without your fingerprint.


The worst possible application

What does the worst mean to you? Maybe you don’t completely agree with this interpretation of the worst, but it’s definitely up there. Can you point out all the flaws without looking at the final implementation?

Leveraging frameworks to speed up our development on iOS - Part 1

Reasons for as well as pros and cons of project modularization. An approach definitely worth considering, especially for large teams and comparable codebases.

iOS Architecture: A State Container based approach

The goal of this blog post is to show the architecture that the iOS team at Jobandtalent has been developing over the last few months. It’s an architecture that leverages Swift, value types, generics, sum types, and some React Native experiences. It works for them and it might work for you as well.

Throttling calls in Swift

Throttling is basically a mechanism that restricts the amount of scheduled work and may become spare. No matter what scenario you think of, this idea should pass the test.

Hey Siri: An On-device DNN-powered Voice Trigger for Apple’s Personal Assistant

Apple once again shares some details related to artificial intelligence. This time their engineers describe how the “Hey Siri” detection works across multiple platforms.

How To Manage Plist Files With PlistBuddy

An introduction to Apple’s PlistBuddy tool, which lets you manage the content of the plist files from the command line.

Using Xcode Configuration (.xcconfig) to Manage Different Build Settings

Managing multiple versions of an application is hard. Questions appear: should we use conditional building? Or rather create additional targets? There is a third way: Xcode configuration files.



A nifty little tool that points out the exact difference between two instances.


An easy-to-use implementation of charming cards from the new App Store.


Why we are not cross-platform developers

Cross-platform development is tempting, especially because of cost reduction. But is it always the answer? The point of view presented here is close to our hearts.


Comparative Asynchronous Programming

It’s good to hear Ash Furrow on stage again. Great talk on a very hard and sensitive topic.

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