This week is filled to the brim with things to read, some to peek at, each and one of them highly worth checking out. Enjoy bits about architecture, security and open source, latest conferences releases, iOS UI/UX stuff, and more!


Open sourcing Swift code

Guide for everyone who wants to start with open source and create his first project, for free, with code available publicly for everyone to look at. Great tips by John Sundell who already has several open source projects on GitHub.

iOS Privacy: steal.password - Easily get the user’s Apple ID password, just by asking

Next article in the series of iOS Privacy from Felix Krause. This time he found a way for phishing user’s Apple ID password.

How to write a simple real-world app based on the MVVM

In-depth tutorial about implementing MVVM architecture in an actual iOS application. The author faced same problems you would face and yet comes away unscathed. It should clear some of your doubts about this recently glorified architecture.

Modular Xcode projects

Xcode’s project structure from the ground. Cocoapods and Carthage can be a block box to some. If you want to know how those tools resolve dependencies, then read it. Pedro Piñera made a great work.

Deep links with no brainer

They’re everywhere, if any app you’re using happens not to support them, most probably you’ll be disappointed. Take a second to ask yourself how do you handle them? If the answer is nothing to be proud of, it’s time to change it with Ilya.


Kryption - Secure, live messaging app

Nothing to add, check it out yourself. 🚀

Clean Swift Architecture

A new architecture for big and complex iOS apps. Looks interesting, but Configurator as a singleton worries me.


iOS 11: Suggesting A better Control Center

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with a WiFi network connection. If we become loud enough, they should hear us in Cupertino. 📢


Why Isn’t Agile Working?

A lot of companies are “doing Agile” instead of “being Agile”. The difference is not that easy to see, but John Cutler explains it nicely (with images 😎).

We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made.

A great story teaching us how important is teamwork and communication. If there is one thing you should take from it, note that even masterpiece-like code will loose against maintainability if not documented and tested extensively.


Functional Swift Conference Fall 2017

Functional Swift presentations are here. 💃 Check out another perspective of looking at Swift. ☣️ Warning! Highly addictive and inspiring materials.

MVVM at Scale: Not so Simple…

I think we all know this well, new architecture supported by a ton of tweets and rapidly growing amount of blog posts. And yet you seem to miss the opportunities it proposes, because it’s not easy to see its purpose in an iOS application. You’re not alone, someone finally said it out loud!

NYC try! Swift presentations come out one after another, don’t miss out on any, here!


Awesome Ladies iOS Engineers to Follow on Twitter

If you find someone new on this list, you’re probably missing out a lot.

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