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The Flat Cache

Are you looking for a well-proven solution to keep track of your in-memory data? Have you ever wondered how Core Data manages objects in context? Or are you curious about identity map pattern implementation in Swift? You’re in the right place!

iOS Privacy: detect.location - An easy way to access the user’s iOS location data without actually having access

User privacy doesn’t exist. An application is able to easily retrieve the user’s location (and much more) by using the native image picker on iOS.

A Simple Approach to Thread-Safe Networking in iOS Apps

We know, we know, there are tons of pods to wrap the default network layer for you. But when it comes to maintenance you often have to fork the framework or copy sources into your repository to perform ad-hoc fixes. Believe us, system tooling is not as bad or difficult as you may think. And here is a small guide through thread-safe approaches.

iOS 11: The DeviceCheck API

If you had trouble with getting through the security session on WWDC 2017, Jordan Morgan covered the tastiest part for you.

Dictionary and Set Improvements in Swift 4.0

Goodies warning! 🍎 This excellent article leaves you hungry for food and refactoring your present Dictionary and Set code.

The 10 commandments of continuous delivery

Continuous Delivery is one of the hottest software development topics out therethere – and it’s been that way for a while. Many people claim they do it, but in the end - they’re just faking it. It’s not for everyone. Check this awesome list of 10 Continuous Delivery Commandments – it might help you to join the exclusive club of those who apply CD correctly.

ArraySlice In Swift

Everything you should know about slices in Swift 4 - drop-ing, slicing, and memory management.

Migrating to Codable from NSCoding

For all NSCoding users, check what you can gain from migrating to the new Codable in Swift 4 – and how painless the process is!


Taming SourceKitService for Less Xcode Memory Consumption

Raise your hand if Xcode works flawlessly for you. [](https://weeklycocoa.news/s/31/Hv0YQP)... I thought so.


Reduce App

The Flawless App team doesn’t rest! 546Mb reduced to 16Mb? We’re convinced to upvote.


Design Details: Drag and Drop

A mesmerizing usage of still pretty basic but available on iPhone drag&drop API. 😍


Firing somebody terrified me — but the advice I got made a huge difference.

How to say goodbye and not lose your mind.


Understanding code signing: x509 and Apple - Marin Usalj, Why You Shouldn’t Write Tests (Yes, We’re Going There) - Dave Schukin & more

If you haven’t noticed, NSSpain published video recordings from this year’s conference. I’ve handpicked these two from a bunch of great sessions and I urge you to put your seat belt on! What can go wrong with app signing? As most of us know – a lot. The first rule of war says: “Get to know your enemy.” 🤺 If only Apple’s system frameworks weren’t the greatest enemy of your tests…

What’s New in Swift 4

A delightful presentation of goodies from the newest version of Swift by Daniel Steinberg. 🍰


The Destructive Switch from Search to Social

So real it hurts. When was the last time you relaxed with a book in your hand?

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