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Face ID security guide released We all have many unanswered questions about the new iPhone X security mechanism. Is it more reliable than Touch ID? What’s the false-positive rate? Will it still work in total darkness? You’ll find the answers to these and many other pressing questions in the new Apple document and on their support page.


How To Implement Cache LRU With Swift

Most of the time, caches are an avoided topic in the mobile development community. We have these powerful devices with growing minimal capacity… 🛑 Don’t go down that route, respect your user’s resources. Even if they don’t notice it, the reward is that they won’t curse you either.

Why we built Magic Sudoku, the ARKit Sudoku Solver

Yet another great use of ARKit – this time we’re charmed by the solver of our beloved Sudoku.

Floating-point Swift, ulp, and epsilon

Deep dive into mysterious ulp – how it’s connected to floating point numbers and Swift.

Activating Code Diagnostics Tools on the iOS CI Server

The sooner an implementation issue is found, the cheaper it is to fix; we agree with Shashikant on that. As it could be seen on WWDC 2017, Apple encourages developers to take care of code reliability by introducing more and more Xcode modules to help. This week, let’s take a look at Address Sanitizer, Thread Sanitizer, Undefined Behaviour Sanitizer, Main Thread Checker, and how to enable them locally as well as on a CI server.

Rendering Markdown in Xcode 9

A pretty neat trick that finally allows you to preview rendered Markdown directly in Xcode; previously, this was reserved for Playgrounds.

Using generic type constraints in Swift 4

Basics, gotchas and use cases of generic constraints in the latest Swift.


Swift Algorithm Club: September 2017 Digest

Swift 4 migration is always highly appreciated and new algorithms are nothing to sneeze at.


How to use storytelling in your startup

No matter how revolutionary and desirable your idea is, if you’re not able to say something about it, people’s interest may dwindle. The discussed storytelling seems like a great strategy to appeal to human nature.

Facebook just changed the license on React. Here’s a 2-minute explanation why.

Short but interesting insight into events that drove Facebook to change the licences of its open source projects.


iPhone X and WWDC: How to quickly become a iOS expert on StackOverflow

I don’t feel pressure to build my reputation level on Stack Overflow. 😅 But even if we don’t consider it a life or death issue, this article is pretty accurate.

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