Get yourself a cocoa, tea or any other brew, let the High Sierra installer do its job and, while waiting, take your time to read some of these delightful articles and listen to some enjoyable podcasts or videos. Have a good time! ☕️🍵🍷


macOS High Sierra 10.13 (17A365) Now Available

Nothing more, nothing less. macOS High Sierra is now available for everyone.

Friday Q&A Live or: mikeash rambles about stuff

Mike Ash starts his personal podcast. Great news! 🔥


Generics in Swift 4

Extensive guide through Generics in Swift 4, including changes we’ve all been waiting for.

App Localization Tips With Swift

From zero to fully translated application. All necessary information you should know to make a multi-language product.

The power of switch statements in Swift

We’re sure you all know the power of switches with enumerations. But have you ever considered what you can do if you go beyond enum?

Why you should stop using Git rebase

I’m sure the audience is split, the answer is obvious to some but not to all of us. Let the guy speak for himself.


Soroush Khanlou continues his series about Swift on the backend. Again, we have one of the most crucial elements in communication between client and server. Great lecture not only for Vapor users.

Friday Q&A 2017-09-22: Swift 4 Weak References

Mindblowing weak reference implementation from the ground. 💥 And it comes with spoken version, kind of.

iOS CI Olympics-Player Three: TravisCI, Four: Nevercode and Five: CircleCI

Continuation of the iOS CI Olympics: Competition of Cloud iOS Continuous Integration Servers. This time the author takes a closer look at TravisCI, Nevercode and CircleCI. Check how they compare to the competitors.



Snake is Xcode 9 ready from now!


Tom’s Guide: ‘iPhone 8 Is World’s Fastest Phone (It’s Not Even Close)’

The Father Of Mobile Computing Is Not Impressed

On the one hand, such a powerful device, the best available. On the other hand, it’s so simple and intuitive that it leaves you no pleasure of possessing knowledge. Especially the second article will force a moment of reflection, even though it may take you few minutes to read.

7 minute read to save $100,000 on your app idea.

Have you ever had an idea so novel that you wanted to build an app on it? Or a solution for an unresolved problem that would seal market niche? But then it feels intimidating to give it a shot as something more than weekend coding. Here we have a place to start.


Writing future proof Swift

Few tips that introduced to our daily coding routines will earn us a gratitude from our future self. There are more videos from Swift Usergroup Netherlands.

Flexible View Controller Interfaces With Swift 4, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To This Array

Try! Swift New York presentations’ recordings are available on (Realm Academy]( now!


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