Undoubtedly, the community gains its usual speed after the holiday season and this fall announcements. That’s right, there’s something for everyone. Helpful bits on new APIs, Swift 4 development-ready articles, quite a few studies of Continuous Integration. Notchless tool, business and design stuff.


Subtle Face ID security feature

No matter how many supporters or sceptics are out there of Apple’s new product, one thing is certain - all eyes are watching and any slip on Apple’s Conference won’t be missed.


iPhone X: Dealing with Home Indicator

Now, it’s the right moment to run all of your existing apps on iPhone X. We bet you’ll appreciate any support with this relic of the beloved Home Button.

iOS CI Olympics : Competition of Cloud iOS Continuous Integration Servers

The Continuous Integration Olympic Games has started. A comparision of the most popular cloud-based CI services: BuddyBuild, Bitrise, Nevercode, TravisCI and CircleCI will be performed in several disciplines. Stay tuned for more! 🎧

iOS CI Olympics-Player One: BuddyBuild iOS CI Olympics-Player Two: Bitrise

Creating custom collections in Swift

Array, Dictionary and Set, those are standard Swift collections. But their API is generic to the point that you may struggle because of it. Creating new one is not hard. John Sundell shows how it can be easily done in the Swift 4.

The Best New Features in Swift 4

If you still don’t know the most interesting features in the Swift 4, there you go - five selections from Mike Ash.

Designing a Button Bar-Style UISegmentedControl in Swift

An elegant and clean look with so little code! Constrains-only solution was the selling point for me.

Cache Carthage to speed-up iOS Continuous Integration

“There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things”. Caching is hard and caching Carthage artefacts on CI is not an exception. Check how it can be done on Travis to speed up builds.



We are genuinely curious how would Apple treat an app breaking all the design guides on App Store release review. Nevertheless, rest assured they stirred a tempest👆 in social media👆 with this notch thing👆. There are too few words to fit all the tweets! 🌪


How To Ship Your Product With Ship ⛵

It’s time to collect your crew and fill the sails of your upcoming product. We all know supporters make a power that keeps us motivated.


Touching up blemishes on Sephora’s UI

A user experience case study of Sephora’s iOS app. An excellent example of incrementally enhancing design and intuitiveness of user interface for popular application based on users’ feedback.

The engineer’s guide to not making your app look awful

You know this one, don’t you? A side project, a strike of inspiration and yet after the mood is gone you can’t look at the effect. With this couple of tips, you’ll be as content with the interface as the codebase.

The Ultimate Guide To iPhone Resolutions updated

Brilliant in its simplicity “The Ultimate Guide To iPhone Resolutions” has been updated for iPhone X. That’s right, the true 3x screen has finally arrived! Thank you PixelCut for keeping it fresh.


Design and Development Videos, Fall 2017 Videos

Apple has presented new cool devices. With a new iPhone, a collection of new videos were presented to get more familiar with the new 🍎 design.


Is Xcode Stable Yet?

My new homepage. 😎

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