September is here and most of us already got back from vacation. This week is full of articles, which will help you get back on track. Async/await for Swift, code quality issues, ARKit – feel free to choose. Next time we meet, Twitter will be trembling from Apple’s launches. 🌋


New Beta Downloads Now Available

I guess the deadline is approaching ☠ so each team is working as fast as possible. That’s why there are a few links to download. Nevertheless, macOS High Sierra 10.13 beta 9, iOS 11 beta 9, and tvOS 11 beta 10 builds are now available.


Concurrency with Chris Lattner & Async/Await for Swift

Chris’s concurrency manifesto for Swift went viral and the result is this podcast invitation, as well as a full-blown proposal.

Why Coroutines

Another product of ongoing discussion about the Swift concurrency model. This time, the author uncovers computer concepts that will serve to implement proposed solutions ahead of the curve.

Using the factory pattern to avoid shared state in Swift

A great use case of a classic design pattern.

ARKit and CoreLocation: Part One & ARKit and CoreLocation: Part Two

A real deep dive into navigation in augmented reality. Everything you need to know, including the math that would normally scare you off.

How is ARCore better than ARKit?

This year, Apple introduced ARKit as a revolutionary AR solution on a mobile platform. But they’re not alone. Google has introduced ARCore, a strong competitor for ARKit. Which one’s better? Time will tell.

Dealing with Complex Table Views in iOS and Keeping Your Sanity

One of the basic controls in UIKit can become a real pain if used sloppily. Everyone has used it in their career but would rather avoid messing around with this code again. Check out a few simple ways to avoid it.

Single Responsibility Principle: Is It a Fundamental Mistake?

Let’s talk about SRP once more and about how, by passing on its meaning and priority through oral tradition, we might end up getting it wrong.


Flawless App

If you care deeply about the visual quality of your mobile apps, you will find this app indispensable. Its integration with the iOS Simulator makes comparing design mock-ups with actual implementation a breeze.

This site helps you visualize the conflicting constraints in the logs

Auto Layout on iOS and macOS is awesome. But when it goes wrong, the error logs are a pain to decipher.

This site helps you visualize the conflicting constraints in the logs. It was built using Swift, Vapor, and Sparse; and the source code is available on GitHub. If you found it useful, please give it a star.


If you tend to pay attention to code organization, then it’s a great option to speed things up.


How to get started contributing to open source projects

Listen to this guy carefully. If anyone is certified to speak about the pros of open source and to give advice on how to start, it’s him.

Dirty secrets of DevOps

You’ve certainly heard about DevOps culture or success stories where IT companies implemented it in relatively short time. In reality however, this can be a bit different and not as easy as it may seem. Check the most common obstacles of attempting to adopt DevOps.

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