Apple spoils us again with fresh betas, open-sourced refactoring engine and Machine Learning insights. John Sundell strikes with two entries - the first article from new Core Animation Gems series and cool lib for all of us Swift-scripters. Intro to Swift compiler development, Swift error handling, (B)VIPER architecture and more!


New Beta Downloads Now Available

Can you smell this fall 🍂 already? It’s definitely noticeable here in Poland and at Apple’s headquarters. New beta downloads are now available, including macOS High Sierra 10.13 beta 8, iOS 11 beta 8, watchOS 4 beta 8, tvOS 11 beta 8. Download and try it yourself.

Swift Local Refactoring

At WWDC 2017 they promised new refactoring engine, which would be Open Source so that everyone could create new refactoring actions. The day has come, and the logic behind local refactorings is implemented entirely in the compiler and SourceKit, available in the Swift repository. 🍾🤓


Core Animation gems: Using replicator layers in Swift

That’s true, Apple’s Core frameworks are gigantic 🗻 and powerful. Even if sometimes messy and spooky, each one of them is a field worth mastering. It’s time to learn from a guy that cut his teeth on the Core Animation implementing his Swift game engine.

Getting Started with Swift Compiler Development

Intimidating at first, digging into Swift compiler is achievable for anyone of us. Worry not, Brian has us covered! Your kidneys are safe, after you get back from work, compiling should finish. 😂

…use a $20/month Digital Ocean “droplet” running Ubuntu 16.04. It can compile apple/swift in a few hours.

Friday Q&A 2017-08-25: Swift Error Handling Implementation

Deep look into Swift error handling by Mike Ash. Check what differences were made in Swift 4 and how error errors compare to C++ exceptions.

Improving Neural Network Acoustic Models by Cross-bandwidth and Cross-lingual Initialization, Inverse Text Normalization as a Labeling Problem, Deep Learning for Siri’s Voice: On-device Deep Mixture Density Networks for Hybrid Unit Selection Synthesis

Last week Apple published three new articles related to Machine Learning! Check how Apple engineers solved some of ML problems in their worth billions of dollars software.

Catching Leaky View Controllers

If you remember Arek Holko’s method of detecting not deallocated controllers, here is another one for you.



A new version of a tool which automatically shows all touches inside your app by Lukáš Petr. Works with app extensions and has support for both Swift 3.2 and 4.0. If you are planning to make app review videos, it would be definitely a nice helper library.


Run shell commands directly from your Swift script.


How feeling left out at work can affect your job

This insightful and inspiring article is not exclusively for those that feel ignored in their workplace. If you ever see one of your teammates sitting alone, you may be the one that makes the day better for them.


Break the Monolith with (B)Viper Modules

Introducing (B)Viper with Module Builder, structured engineering approach for big mobile apps with example repo.

Convolutional Neural Networks with Metal & Swift

Brett Koonce gives us a quick overview of the state of the image recognition neural networks on mobile devices.


Swift is like Kotlin

So you can write Swift with one hand and Kotlin with another. 😎

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