This week we’re served with new betas from Apple. Then we take a deeper look at Futures and Promises, improve our efficiency in either working with Swift APIs, preparing open source project release or handling long compilation times.


New Beta Downloads Now Available

You know this part already, this Fall 🍂 is on its way, so developers at Apple admire the sunset on postcards from their families. Appreciate and enjoy, guys. 🏝 New beta downloads are now available, including macOS High Sierra 10.13 beta 6, iOS 11 beta 6, watchOS 4 beta 6, tvOS 11 beta 6. Download and try it yourself.


Under the hood of Futures & Promises in Swift

It’s true that third party libraries save a lot of boilerplate code. Still, if you ever maintained app throughout language/API changes you know it’s a double-edged sword. Futures & Promises look impressive, but it’s crucial to understand the mechanism before using it in production.


One more article about Promises. This time Bj Kandel calls them by the Imperative name. Check how to implement monadic structure without a deep knowledge on Monads. Practice, assess challenges you encountered and stay tuned for the next article to learn the theory.

Friday Q&A 2017-08-11: Swift.Unmanaged

Mike Ash wrote an outstanding article about Swift and C API. If you ever wonder when to use passRetained / passUnretained / takeRetainedValue / takeUnretainedValue method you will find examples for all of them.

My Xcode Project Structure for Open Source Project

Painless setup of a library with an example app in Xcode. Example project should be obligatory for each open source library. It’s a key to understand the benefits and seems to be preferred way to learn a new tool for most of the developers.

Speed up Swift compile time

We all know this well. cmd+r and cmd+tab to check Twitter… 10 minutes later you forget you were coding in the first place. Less swifty but more productive, are you in?

Swift World: What’s New in iOS 11 — Make Corner Round

iOS 11 comes with many small improvements, not only CoreML and ARKit. As always, it’s nice to have someone to wrap up a piece of new API for us.



Core helps you design applications in a way that the app flow is driven by business layer, instead of UI layer. It also promotes unidirectional data flow between components for consistency, high testability and powerful debugging.


The 3 types of bullshit feedback — and what to do about them

Working in a group, leading a team, finishing a challenging project, often we would like to hear an opinion of the rest of the team on this cooperation. On the other hand, the feedback may come to us no matter if we desired it. Frustration, misinformation and much more can make feedback daunting. These bits of advice will help you handle any kind of harsh opinions.


DEF CON 25 - Max Bazaliy - Jailbreaking Apple Watch

In the news from the 31st week of 2017, we mentioned Max Bazaliy’s presentation at DEF CON 25. Now is time for a video material covering how he jailbroke his Apple Watch.

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