A little bit of everything, some hot topics like Google employee anti-diversity manifesto, cool AR toy to draw charts and various development topics. Grab your favourite, but take it easy - we hope you’re on your vacations, unlike Apple devs who provide us with next iteration of their software.


New Beta Downloads Now Available

New beta downloads are now available, including Xcode 9 beta 5, macOS High Sierra 10.13 beta 5, iOS 11 beta 5, watchOS 4 beta 5, tvOS 11 beta 5. Download and try it yourself.

RoomKeeper with branding is here

If you have a meeting room at your 🏢 workplace, then you definitely need the RoomKeeper! Just configure your iPad with an online calendar and mount it by the door. Quick booking of meeting rooms was never that easy 😍. If you need your own logo and 🎨 colours, that’s possible as well.

So, about this Googler’s manifesto.

We’ve probably all heard about anti-diversity manifesto by Google employee, so there is no need for us to repeat half of your Twitter feed. But this guy seems to have something interesting to say from a senior software developer stand point.


Top 5 Tips for Integrating SwiftLint into iOS CI/CD Pipelines

How to best integrate Swiftlint with your project and a continuous integration platform of your choice.

CwlLayout: a Swift wrapper around Auto Layout

The introduction of a declarative approach to composing user interface with Auto Layout. It’s simpler than visual formatting or even UIStackView. Check the full comparison or try it right now by getting the source code from GitHub.

Reducing flakiness in Swift tests

This time John Sundell describes how to improve unit and UI tests to reduce flakiness. No more telling “It works on my machine”.



That’s what we call leaving a client speechless.


That’s a must-have for all of the social addicts out there. Challenge yourself to spend less time scrolling through Twitter feed and reduce the amount of incoming notifications, so you can have more focus and gain some time to develop and improve your programming skills.


The Problem With Abandoned Apps

Author has gone mad and it’s totally understandable. If you had a faith in product as big and influential as App Store, and invested a considerable amount of money in an app you won’t be able to use anymore, you can be disappointed.


Understanding Why Strings are Evil

Even though a string is a basic concept in application development, it has to be powerful to support our beloved emoji. 🙃 Encodings, performance, user experience, there are a whole lot of aspects that influence its complexity. Yet often we think of a string as of universal container for any kind of data, and we’re using them wrong.

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