Every week, the community provides us with new materials about upcoming API’s. Also, Machine Learning seems to have become a regular guest. Don’t think we forgot about ARKit - in fact, we think it’s really fun and would like to encourage you to try it out. That’s why we prepared the ARKit Snake game! 🐍 It’s open source so everyone can dig right into it.


New Beta Downloads Now Available

🆕 New beta versions now available. Xcode 9 beta 4, macOS High Sierra 10.13 beta 4, iOS 11 beta 4, watchOS 4 beta 4, tvOS 11 beta 4. Download now and give them a try.

Xcode’s Subversion integration will be deprecated in a future release.

Don’t lose hope!

Apple Machine Learning Journal

🔥👨‍🚒 Apple has launched its own blog about Machine Learning at Apple. The first entry is about Improving the Realism of Synthetic Images but there will surely be more posts to read and more material to learn from. What do you think, why is Apple making a neural network to detect the human iris?


Working with CoreNFC in iOS 11

A step-by-step tutorial of the NFC handling in iOS 11. There are plenty of reasons why you need your next app to support NFC. You definitely want to start with NFC tags in this article.


We have given ARKit a try this time. A well-known game, Snake, was brought to life and released into the wild 3D world of Augmented Reality. ARKit is truly a game-changing, easy-to-use framework. After only a few days, our snake charmer [Michał] (https://twitter.com/@_mkowalski) surprised us with a snappy specimen in our office. If you’d like to have your own, check this GitHub project!

Building a declarative animation framework in Swift - Part 1

If you remember Creating great animations on iOS from the previous week, John Sundell has a long-awaited extensive article on this topic. Create your own declarative animation framework. And be sure to stay tuned for the second part.

iOS Simulator on steroids: Tips & Tricks

You will definitely love this article. All tips and tricks of the iOS Simulator in one place - the internal menu item, screen recording, sharing extension, and much more. Great job Ahmed 👍.

- Did someone say multiple Simulators? Can they deliver it with an iMac Pro? 😁

Robust Adversarial Examples

Is it a cat or a monitor? …or cat monitoring?

Pros and cons of iOS machine learning APIs

One blog post to rule all the machine learning APIs available on the iOS. A comparison of all ML frameworks like CoreML, Metal Performance Shaders, TensorFlow and Caffe, made by Matthijs Hollemans. If you don’t know which one to choose, read this to find out.

Customizing the file header comment and other text macros in Xcode 9

We have been doing it wrong. A great candidate to include in the Initial commit next to .gitignore: <ProjectName>.xcodeproj/xcshareddata/IDETemplateMacros.plist

All about Concurrency in Swift - Part 2: The Future, CoreData: CRUD With Concurrency In Swift – Part 4

Marco and Umberto team up to serve us fully fledged materials on Swift concurrency from different perspectives.


Apple’s Long History of Rejecting ‘Objectionable Content’ From the App Store

Are there any App Store release fans on board? That’s what we thought. We all agree it’s a serious pain of Objectionable Content. 🕵️🕵️


5 Secrets of Reactive Programming

Listen to tic-tac-toe, it’ll tell you secrets that will make Reactive Programming closer to your Swifty heart.

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