A lot of various topics are covered, from Swift 4 to API changes. Also, ADDC 2017, App Design & Development Conference, provided us with few interesting videos, although we could include only tiny part of them. Quite a lot of them touches communication subject, no matter if it’s Designer - Developer, Developer - Management, or Developers to one another, we can all learn from that.


What’s new in Swift 4

Swift 4 Playground by Ole Begemann now covers @objc inference, new integer protocols and even more examples!

Why We Love 1Password Memberships

Recently we could hear a lot around 1Password and its plan to remove local vaults from the application like: Who moved my cheese, 1Password?, Why Security Experts Are Pissed That ‘1Password’ Is Pushing Users to the Cloud or 1Password has confused everyone with shift to cloud-based subscriptions. But thankfully AgileBits responded with the blog post which should calm us down. You can track Twitter account to get the newest information.


iOS 11, Privacy and Single Sign On

Have you ever struggle with a third-party library? Or maybe you had to extend release scope to rewrite functionality that uses abandoned open source project? Unless I would have to invent the wheel from scratch, I try to avoid third parties. And I’m not alone with such concerns, e.g. Arek Holko. It feels nice to have Apple to support you with a native solution. We hope simplification of API and dev’s flow will become tradition side-by-side with user experience improvements.

Cracking the code behind Apple’s App Store promo card design

It’s not really a surprise that Apple came up with an unconventional way of handling gift cards. Esthetic and readable but also customised to trigger device’s scanner. As always, this feature will be private for a while but it doesn’t mean you cannot hack it, right?

Changes to location tracking in iOS 11

WWDC 2017 introduced a lot of changes, bigger, like ARKit, and smaller, ones that are easy to miss. But iOS community is truly amazing and have us covered. This extensive article about upcoming Location API changes is a great example.

Hyperproductive development

Everyone that has never had this kind of relationship with their application - raise your hand. So we’re all guilty of going with the flow. Or maybe we should be proud of our performance then? Start to be proud that you child has grown, in size or importance, and it deserves more people to take care of it. Remember that you have the power to teach others to take good care of it.

Reducers - Dealing With Asynchrony

How to deal with state changes and asynchronous code? One will love reducers pattern as shown in the article, the other may be sceptical, for example, my colleague Łukasz. The important part is that it’s testable.

User Breakpoints in Xcode

Overview of all breakpoints type available in the Xcode by Michael Ochs. You can even make a joke for your coworkers by playing custom sounds during debugging. 😂



Probably, the best open sourced control for messages on GitHub. Configurable from Interface Builder, a collection based and fully customizable. Check out the article to learn more - The Messages View – Online Communicators Made Easy.

Branch Metrics - Deep Linking, Attribution and Mobile Marketing

Battlefield tested by integrating with one of our older projects. Downloads count risen significantly in one month! Consider giving it a try.


Why you should argue with your employees

As an employee, I totally agree. It’s a sign of trust from both sides.


Creating great animations on iOS

I can repeat it once again - it’s really hard to unite designers and developers. Even though we share the same goal of creating delightful, impressive application. Going through animations improvements take time and may cause frustration. Check John Sundell sharing his experience with us.

Lost in translation

How does the team that has eyes of the whole world on itself solve communication issues? What are they struggle with?


Simulator in full screen

Marcin Krzyzanowski‏ showing simulator debug menu and iOS in fullscreen.

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