New Beta Downloads Now Available

Hot stuff alert! 🔥 New beta versions are now available. Xcode 9 beta 3, macOS High Sierra 10.13 beta 3, iOS 11 beta 3, and tvOS 11 beta 3. Just watch out for this kind of surprises.

Introducing Vapor Cloud — A Fast and Reliable Cloud Service

Nice to meet you! 👋 A friend of Swift’s is a friend of ours. This serious contender should ease all your doubts about server options for Swift on the web.

I Got Hacked and All I Got Was This New SIM Card

The short and interesting story of Justin Williams, who was hacked with 2-factor authentication enabled. These days, even security codes sent via mobile phone aren’t secure.


Writing end-to-end JSON mapping tests in Swift

A great example showing how to improve unit and end-to-end tests containing JSON by making a single source of truth, without involving web service connection.

Errors On The Server

It’s really pleasing to welcome the second article about Swift on a server. And, we aren’t done yet! 👓📖 In this great article, Khanlou dives into error handling in Vapor.

How do I use result types? When using a Result enum for callbacks, how to access the Error?

With the arrival of Swift, the Result enum appeared and joined a canon of best language practices. Most of the frameworks probably already use this to handle failable and asynchronous operations. Here you will find best practices concerning the handling of Result in your application. For an advanced trick catch up with Daniel Steinberg in the Video section.

Lessons Learned Using Server-Side Swift in Production

We wrap up on the server-side Swift topic with this extensive article. It’s a summary of the experiences gained through building a production-ready backend. A few points will surely surprise you – and some may even save you lots of trouble.


How Often Should You Update Your App?

I leave the office to get a little walk home – a quick glance at my iPhone and what do I see? App Store’s red badge with ten pending updates. 😰 Last week, we learned how to decrease their size. This week, we’ve got insight into how frequently we should release a new version.


Swift Talk #57 Certificate Pinning

An application providing sensitive data requires an appropriate security mechanism. Certificate pinning is an example of one such mechanism. The team, in collaboration with Rob Napier, can’t wait to help you with that in your existing app!

Why the Func

My personal favourite this week. It’s like exercise for your brain! 🤔 Every second of it will make you wonder about all those goodies to introduce to your codebase. 🍰🍩🍍 Thank you for opening our eyes to the multiparadigm abilities of Swift, Daniel!

How to Clang Your Dragon 🐉

When Swift 4, iOS 11, ARKit, or CoreML just aren’t enough for you anymore. If you’re looking for something more challenging, perhaps it’s time to build you own language. Harlan Haskins shows us how to build your own compiler with Swift and LLVM. 🐲


What Happens When Two Artificial Intelligences Try To Prank Each Other?

- Knock, knock.

- Who’s there?

- 🤖

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