AutoMate 1.4.0 & AutoMate-AppBuddy 1.2.0

New versions of the UI test automation frameworks are now available. They are compatible with the macOS and tvOS platforms and are characterised by improved testing in the landscape orientation.

coremltools 0.4.0

Apple has released a new version of the coremltools, which introduces the Keras 2 models support 🤖.


Cocoa AI

A well full of resources regarding CoreML. Check models, demo apps, and helpers to start with Machine Learning on iOS today.

An aside about flatMap and monads

A monad is a topic that concernes Swift developers since the very beginning. There are plenty of articles about it but IMHO this is the best one right now. The theory it puts forward is placed in the context of Swift’s standard library. At the same time, it gives an insight into the Haskell use-case. Now it’s become clear to me why the flatMap topic may be so emotional for developers with a functional programming base.

Advanced Sequences On The Server

Soroush Khanlou strikes again – this time with Swift Sequences and a great article about how he used them in the Beacon project. Definitely check it out – even if you are not writing a server application in Swift. Battlefield tested. 💪

10 Myths About Docker That Stop Developers Cold

Are you afraid of Docker? I was, even though I wanted to give Swift a try on Linux. So check this out, and let it make you a believer. What then? You can grab a Swift image and play with Swift from any system you’re using.

One Weird Trick to Lose Size

Currently, social networking applications occupy more than a hundred megabytes. Facebook has more than two hundred. You can do better! Earn the sympathy of users as well as their LTE package and iPhone storage. Read about how Halide developers managed to avoid oversizing an application.

Asset Catalog Changes in Xcode 9

Cory Bohon discusses how to work with the new Assets Catalog in Xcode 9. It will let you unleash the power of vector graphics and colour assets. 💥

How HBO’s Silicon Valley built “Not Hotdog” with mobile TensorFlow, Keras & React Native

A behind the scenes look at Silicon Valley. An entire history of how to make an app that identifies hot dogs (and not hot dogs) using neural networks. Everything was done by a single developer. 😱

Hands-on XCUITest Features with Xcode 9

We’re glad that someone paid attention to upcoming XCUITest and XCTest features at WWDC 2017 - and is as excited as we are about the new possibilities and the generosity of probably the biggest update since introduction of the Xcode UI automation. If you have never tried to automate UI testing with Xcode check this list of new possibilities and start now. We think we can help you with it through AutoMate. I can’t wait to migrate it to Swift 4 and fresh XCUITest.


How to enhance mobile interactions with sound design

We know how to create an engaging UI experience in our iOS applications. But not many of us dive deeper into the sound experience. At Facebook, they pay attention to every detail. Check out what it looks like when it’s done right.


Developers Who Use Spaces Make More Money Than Those Who Use Tabs

The tabs vs. space soap opera continues. This time we have a good argument against tabs. 🔫

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