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That’s how you recognise the beginning of an upcoming trend. 🤓 Check out the best ARKit showcases, articles, and links.


Using SpriteKit to create animations in Swift

Woo-hoo! 🚀 Did you know that we can animate the content of an application using SpriteKit? Apple developers already use it in the memory debugger in Xcode. Now read the article and go try it out in your own application.

Statements, messages and reducers

An excellent ✨ and timeless article about code structuring. Check out a way to manage state that’s rather unconventional for our platform. Try to introduce the Reducers pattern to isolate stateful code units.

Swift 4 Decodable: Beyond The Basics 📦

Let’s be honest, how long did it take you to implement the basic Decodable and/or Encodable struct? Right, okay, but is it enough for your amazing yet complex application? If you want to challenge yourself and play with a Codable API a little more, this would be a good starting point.

Server-side Commands

Swift + servers = ❤️. Since Swift runs on Linux, the Swift Package manager is getting better and there are a plenty web frameworks for Swift to choose from. It’s time to start paying attention to best practices and patterns, like the Command pattern by Soroush Khanlou.

YOLO: Core ML versus MPSNNGraph

Do you remember the Real-time object detection with YOLO article from the 22nd week of 2017? Matthijs Hollemans now compares YOLO using the newest CoreML framework as well as the MPSNNGraph – simplicity vs. greater control. Which one to choose for your next iOS 11 application?

iOS: How to open Deep Links, Notifications and Shortcuts

It’s a great tutorial about deep links, notifications, and shortcuts. You should definitely check it out and integrate those methods into your own application.


Introducing fastlane precheck: Submit your app to the app store with confidence

A new Fastlane tool from Felix Krause and Fabric - say, “No more rejected metadata!” 🚀. precheck can automatically download your application’s metadata and see if it complies with App Store’s guidelines – within mere seconds 🤖.


Why we’re betting against real-time team messaging

Yet another communicator for teams, but with a Twist. Are you tired of checking your conversations every minute? This article not only introduces a new, thread-focused communicator, it also makes a case against addicting, real-time messaging solutions.

Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer and Why He Still Has His Job at Apple

An interesting, but controversial, article about what happens to companies when they lose a visionary CEO. Apple is a prominent example of this. How does Tim Cook compare to Steve Jobs? Distance yourself from this matter for second and check out this unusual point of view.


Made With ARKit

ARKit was one of the biggest announcements made at WWDC 2017. Developers from around the globe started playing with the framework right away – have a look at the outstanding things they created.

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