WWDC 2018 addressed a lot of problems we faced in day-to-day development. Different people are drawn to topics they’re interested in the most and this way if we all share those details we won’t miss a single thing from Dub Dub.


Generating JWT Tokens for App Store Connect API

WWDC 2018 recap on generating JSON Web Tokens required to retrieve sensitive data form new App Store Connect API.

Xcode tip: Using behaviors to improve debugging

This time Jesse Squires shares feature he was looking for and found on the Advanced Debugging session.

The Problem You Solve Is More Important Than The Code You Write 🔊

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re solving a problem. It gets to you from Jira board, from PO, you name it. We tend to assume it’s valid or we want to solve it as bulletproof as possible. In this article, the author reminds us of over-engineered code providing marginal benefit to the user.

Working with iOS App Metadata from Linux using Transporter

Some of us, and probably large organizations, are using Linux in a Continuous Integration system. This year Apple announced official support of iTMSTrasporter for Linux. This will allow us to create independent pipelines for building and uploading an application from different systems.

Friday Q&A 2018-06-29: Debugging with C-Reduce

Mike Ash as always blows our mind. This week he has presented C-Reduce. Program which can reduce your code to help you find a bug in it. Don’t be confused with the C, it also support Swift 🚀.


Elastic Tab Stops

An implementation of elastic tabstops in Swift.



SwiftEntryKit provides all presentation styles you may need in your app in Swifty and customizable manner.

As always…

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