Fixing Autocompletion on Mixed Objective-C and Swift Projects

Is your autocompletion not working in Xcode? You’re not alone! Actually, everyone has this issue. The only thing we were able to do until now was to restart the Xcode, reindex the project, or clear the DerivedData folder. But thanks to Miguel and Apple engineers at WWDC 2017, we can finally fix this issue! 🤓

What Not to Log When Remotely Debugging Mobile Apps

An application shouldn’t log sensitive data on a console or save it in plain text - everyone knows that. But do you know what those sensitive data are? Passwords, tokens, API secrets, and perhaps even others? You should definitely check it to ensure your application is in line with your local region’s regulations.​

Asset Catalog Improvements 🎨

If you were working (or sleeping) while the WWDC turned our development 360°, high five! 👔 Now is the best time to catch up and prepare yourself to use new abilities in 200%. The improved Asset Catalog aspires to be new centralized style source for our applications.

Do MVC like it’s 1979

It starts out innocently with little bits of MVC architecture’s history. This may seem as if it’s not a very popular topic because who writes MVC apps in 2017? (Oops, I do… 😇) But don’t judge a book by its cover. This article attempts to convince you that MVC can be a guideline for modern application architecture. Give it a try.


Long time no hear from Russ Bishop. But this gotcha can definitely come in handy whenever we happen to work with pointers. And it’s nice to have someone who’s been there.


🆕 Please welcome the long awaited API for identifying devices without the possibility to track users. Persist a tiny amount of data between restarts. No Uber-like hacks necessary.

Swift World: What’s new in iOS 11 — Vision

As you already know, computer vision and machine learning have huge potential. Things like image classification, face detection, text detection, and many others. Check the possibilities presented by the new Apple Vision framework and have fun with it.

What’s New in iOS 11 Notifications?

That’s what we call a great community! There’s always someone who has your back with these small but crucial new features.


Functionality vs Emotions in Mobile Interface Animation

A case study of delightful design and seamless usability. It’s worth checking out, if only for the provided animation examples.

Using Apple as a Case Study to Predict the Future of UI

You should always aspire to be ahead of the curve. Check if you can prepare for upcoming trends by getting familiar with Apple’s changes.


Why We Climb

A short but surprising comparison – ideal for a coffee break. ☕️


Speaks for itself

A cat’s life.. 😹

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