First, a comment from the WeeklyCocoa editorial team – iOS 11 took over this week! One system to rule them all! Long live the king! 👑


Crypto and SSL Improvements in High Sierra and iOS 11

There’s no doubt, Apple cares deeply about user privacy and always enforces high security and cryptography standards. In iOS 9, they introduced App Transport Security (ATS), which enforced TLS 1.2 and a strong certificate. With macOS High Sierra and iOS 11, they are going a step further; TLS 1.3, LibreSSL instead of OpenSSL, and more.​

Apple’s new iMac Pro costs $5000, but is it overpriced?

The newest Apple desktop personal computer for professionals was announced at WWDC2017 last week – pricing starts from $4999 or as people noticed a kidney 😅. But maybe Apple has finally made a comparable device with a competitive price? You should check for yourself and tweet us your opinion!

xdebug, xtree, xobject and xnoid

If you write UI tests for iOS, you’ll love this – four new commands for Chisel which will improve your development. Give them a try!

Since it was only added to the master branch, there is no release yet. You have to clone the repository and modify the ~/.lldbinit file according to the instruction.

Thanks, Bartosz! 🍾


iOS 11: Machine Learning for everyone

A deeper look into the CoreML, Metal Performance Shaders and Vision frameworks on iOS 11 – possibilities, limitations, and crashes.

Of course, our life would be much easier without Apple framework crashes but, you know us, being able to classify a picture of a kitty melts our hearts a bit. 🐈 If you want to know how CoreML competes with other machine learning tools, you should start here.

New rules following WWDC 2017

Shorter application names, App Store customer reviews, only up-to-date features and framework usage, and many other changes in the App Store Review Guidelines. Save yourself some time and catch up with the actual conventions before your application is rejected.

Exploring the new String API in Swift 4

Let John awaken your desire to migrate to Swift 4 and take advantage of all the long awaited features.

iOS 11: Notable UIKit Additions

If you don’t know it yet, you should check it out. Three subjectively picked, but worth appreciating, changes in the UIKit: UIStackView, UITableView and… we won’t spoil it for you.

Encoding and Decoding Custom Types

Check this tidy description of a new encoding and decoding API by Apple! 🍎 IMHO there is no better article about Codable than this official documentation, seriously. I hope it foreshadows a new era of official documentation quality. If you have anything interesting regarding this topic, let us know via e-mail. We’re waiting for your posts to shine. ✨


iOS 11, Complexion Reduction & Apple’s New User Interface

Although Machine Learning and ARKit stole the show, design changes caused a stir from the very first moment they were announced. And just when it seemed that iOS 7’s UI revolution will stick around for some time, slowly but surely, Apple Music-like design began spreading across system applications. What is this Complexion Reduction really about? We highly recommend checking out the mentioned primer by Michael Horton.


How to Make $80,000 Per Month on the Apple App Store

Do you have an application listed in the App Store? That offers in-app purchases? No matter the answer, you’re probably wondering – where does all of this money go?. 💸 Check out this article and share it with your loved ones to help save them some cash.


‘Crack Marketing Team’ — Live From WWDC 2017 With Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi

A pretty good show with faces we hope to see every year. But what’s more important – a few answers you might seek and would have a hard time getting elsewhere.

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