What’s New: Things that caught my eye

A short summary of the​​ ​WWDC 2017 Keynote and some of the new frameworks available on the iOS 11.

Xcode 9 beta Release Notes

Too long to read? These are our favorites: ⚡️💫

  • Swift code refactoring
  • Increase and decrease the source editor font with ⌘+ / ⌘-.
  • Dragging files between groups in the Project Navigator now moves the files in the filesystem and updates any associated SCM working copies.
  • You can run multiple instances of Simulator to speed up tests by running them in parallel.
  • Rewritten source editor.


Xcode: Advanced Breakpoint Usages

A great overview of almost all breakpoint types in Xcode 8. Everyone can find something new – check them out to improve your debugging skills.

Introducing ARKit

Just a few hours were enough to prepare a ​​sneak peek of the new ARKit framework available on iOS 11.

Secure iOS application development

Knowing where the trap is—that’s the first step in evading it. ~Frank Herbert, Dune

Read it, accept it, make it a calling card of your quality. Don’t be ashamed if you see some of these issues in your existing application. We’re sure, your users will appreciate every security update.

Kick Your Manual Iteration Habit

Pavol makes attempt to convince us to think about our code in a wider perspective. To understand its purpose and boost it with a good use of built-in abstraction. With Swift, you can stop thinking about steps computer needs to perform to do what you told it to. Swap your loops with higher-order functions!

A deep dive into Grand Central Dispatch in Swift

Don’t feel ashamed, just dig into this extensive description of the Grand Central Dispatch framework. Look further than Dispatch.async with John. This should save you a lot of lower level coding with NSOperation.

Installing and using Kotlin from Xcode, Kotlin functions & Kotlin collections

From zero to Kotlin by Erica Sadun. Compare the Kotlin language syntax to Swift and give it a try in your Xcode. Yes, you read that right – Kotlin on Xcode.


Doctor Pretty

A pretty Swift printer aware of column size. You may wonder – why do I need this? I get it, I’ve been there, but then it captured my imagination. Even if the opportunities don’t, the implementation should inspire you.


8 Bad Mistakes That Make Good Employees Leave

This one’s for your managers and leaders. Did you ever wonder why a particular excellent developer is leaving such a great company? Maybe your company is making mistakes you’re not aware of? “People don’t leave jobs; they leave managers” – read about eight really bad mistakes that make good employees leave.


Oh no

Apple remembers your pets. 😹

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