Man in the Middle iOS Attacks: The Danger of Relying on a Single Layer of Security

A great opportunity to remind ourselves that we should be grateful for Certificate Pinning and use it anytime we’re exchanging data with a server. There are also a few other possible ways to protect sent or received data.

Mixing Constant and Literal Strings

In every codebase, there is always room for improvement – especially with the endless possibilities Swift offers. No matter what you’re using for the network layer, you won’t avoid app specific constants. These hints will help you sleep better at night.


We know this looks like some new tool but, believe me, this is another sweet piece of private API. I can clearly recall how many times we’ve debugged all this stuff with LLDB and Facebook’s Chisel. Save yourself that pain with a simple, two-step setup.

Real-time object detection with YOLO

Machine learning is the hottest topic right now. Google has recently said that artificial intelligence is already better than the human mind in the field of image recognition. This week, we take a look at the neural network which will point your kitten on a picture after just one look.

Should I use Viper architecture for my next iOS application, or it is still very new to use?

A few interesting answers from developers, who have had varying experiences. Whom do you agree with?


Design for Fingers, Touch, and People, Part 1 & Design for Fingers, Touch, and People, Part 2

Did you know that “fewer than 50% of users hold their phone with one hand”? Go back to the past and explore the history of touch screens – how they used to work and what they are now. At the end, you will find out how users use their mobile phones and how to design an application for them.


How much I’ve earned on the App Store

Do you identify with Stephen as much as I do? Developing a shameless application and releasing it to the App Store is our bread and butter. What then? This article answers the question about the money you can earn without the hype or market interest built by the App Store’s featured status, etc.



Who wouldn’t want one of these bad boy t-shirts? 😎

5 tips for better whiteboard awesomeness & 5 MORE tips for better whiteboard awesomeness

Many times, I thought to myself – I’ll sketch it so everybody will see what’s on my mind. Let’s be honest though, most of the time, this doesn’t work very well. Sure, there may be digital tools for this but engaging in a good old analog brainstorm from time to time improves teamwork.

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