What’s new in Swift 4.0

What new features will be available in Swift 4? If you are as curious as we are, you can check it out now and try it with Xcode 8.3 (instructions included). Why wait for Apple to introduce a new Xcode version during WWDC?


Swift one-line type-checking lasting 27s

What’s next?

Getting started with Xcode UI testing in Swift

This post is especially close to our hearts, mainly because we chose XCTest as our framework of choice to automate UI testing. Don’t be ashamed if you don’t have UI tests in your project. Start here, then dig into this topic with Joe Masilotti’s excellent blog and AutoMate to save yourself a lot of boilerplate code. 😎

Swift Tricks: Searching for Objects by Type

Have you ever tried to find a specific object in a collection by type? Tim Ekl found a nice way to do so and it just couldn’t be more Swifty. What’s more, remember that chaining higher order functions is incredibly readable but may hurt code performance. #weeklycocoa recommends taking a closer look at lazy.

Stored Properties In Swift Extensions

Magic 🎩 for anyone who seeks stored properties in an extension. Would you introduce it to your App Store application? Let us know on Twitter.


Best Practices for Horizontal Lists in Mobile

You’ve probably seen a horizontal list in mobile applications with a varying usability quality. To avoid landing on the user experience blacklist, check these do’s and don’ts.


UIKonf 2017

Thanks a lot UIKonf! We’re really pleased to see this new trend in uploading conference videos in the blink of an eye. ⚡️ Have a nice week watching all of these awesome presentations.

3D Touch: Bring Your Apps to a New Dimension by Meghan Kane

The why and how of integrating 3D Touch with your application. Searching for an effective way to popularise your app? I’ve heard 3D Touch is addictive – implement all the latest features, you won’t be disappointed.


37 Simple Daily Behaviors That Will Immediately Free up Hours in Your Weekly Schedule

They’ll boost your productivity, step by step.

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